“Medinsky called spurious dispute about the use of the words “Russian” and “Russian”

Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky believes the dispute over the use of the words “Russian”, “Russian” far-fetched.

“I think the dispute is largely contrived, linguistic in nature. The word “Russian” operated in the days of Peter the great, Ivan the terrible. The concept of “Russian” as a consolidating, not only as ethnic but as a concept that describes the entire population of our country also appeared a long time ago,” said Medina in the “Right to know” on TVC channel on Saturday.

According to him, it is easier to speak about Russian as a cultural phenomenon. “Is the Russian culture is the space in which formed and developed and unique multinational culture of Russia. It’s a historical fact but on a matter of taste preferences,” said the Minister.

He added that world war II is one of the good examples of consolidation of the multinational country. “Trying to imagine that it wasn’t exactly like that Panfilov was not such nasty work trying to knock the Foundation from under our faith in an absolutely inviolable and sacred things,” continued Medina.

In his words, “the purpose of exposing the alleged myths, and in fact, legends based on real events, is money, territories and resources”.

Earlier, the head of the Duma Committee on culture Stanislav Govorukhin, commenting on the proposal to develop the concept of the bill on the Russian nation, said he believes that the word “Russian” has no national connotations. He said that he doesn’t like the word “Russians” as a name for inhabitants of the Russian Federation.

At the end of October the President of the Russian Federation supported the creation of the law of the Russian nation. It is assumed that such a law can grow a strategy for the development of national relations in Russia.

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