Police detained a girl, who wanted to give Putin sweater

The Peru police have detained the local resident who tried to go to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who arrived in Lima for the APEC summit to give him a sweater, RIA Novosti reported.

It is reported that the girl is Julia Castro, engaged in the manufacture of clothing, tried on Saturday to give the Russian head sweater of your own making, but was stopped by security.

The woman was taken to the police station for questioning.

“There was confusion, perhaps it was not the best place due to heightened security measures due to the presence of many presidents, but I hope that this sweater still comes to Vladimir Putin, maybe you can help me,” said Castro.

According to her, earlier in the course of the APEC summit, she participated in the meeting on support of small and medium-sized businesses, and was able to pass the gift to the founder of social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.

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