The drunk passenger threatened to blow up the plane at the airport “Domodedovo”

In the capital airport “Domodedovo” the drunk man threatened to blow up the plane that was to fly to Dubai, reports TASS citing a source at the airport, and the statement of law enforcement.

According to an unnamed spokesman, last night on the plane “Moscow – Dubai” rose man and woman who were in a condition of alcoholic intoxication. Once in the plane, the man behaved inappropriately, cursing, tried to get into the cockpit and told the passengers that the aircraft can be mined.

The departure was postponed. And troublemaker visor transport police. When the conflict is settled, the plane went to the destination.

The police Agency have confirmed that the police had responded to a call in “Domodedovo”, but not found on Board. The offender was a 29-year-old resident of Nizhny Novgorod. It drew up a Protocol for disorderly conduct.

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