“The Minister of culture of the Russian Federation called for stringent measures for the protection of Russian cinema

Vladimir Medinsky proposed to act upon the example of France, where the national movie “holds up to 40% of the market”

Culture Minister Vladimir Medina believes that without strict protectionist measures it is impossible to build the domestic film industry and to protect the market from Hollywood.

“Without the tough protectionist measures to protect domestic movies, domestic filmmaker, we will not be able to build industry and will not be able to protect our market from Hollywood and other similar products,” said Medina in the “Right to know” on channel “TV Center”.

“Our film industry works in a monstrous mahalageasca wild market, essentially without any protection from the state, but our small grants to specific projects”, – said the Minister, noting that in other countries there are strict protectionist mechanisms for the protection of the national cinema.

“French cinema holds up to 40% of the market in France, protected on all sides. For them, the movie is the code of the nation, this is one of the staples of the French nation. Until this realization will not come to us, create a film industry is impossible”, – said Medina.

“We need a set of measures as to do so, the movie has to be profitable to rent to us and even to foreign cinema was beneficial to shoot here. But here we need a tough decision and requires some industry consolidation in spite of private-property interests of the bourgeoisie,” added the Minister.

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