To revive the dead in India will not be


Experiments on the revival of the people in India will not be held. Recall that in may 2016 the company Bioquark Inc received permission to conduct experiments on the revivification of patients whose brain died. It was assumed that the method of “revival” will be tested on 20 people whose life is maintained only with the help of medical equipment.

During the experiment it was planned to apply several approaches, including injection of mesenchymal stem cells and peptides, transcranial laser stimulation and electrical stimulation of the median nerve of the hand. These techniques are already successfully applied in the rehabilitation of patients with traumatic brain injury.

Study leader Himanshu Bansal (Himanshu Bansal) had previously explained that he was going to return patients to a state of minimal consciousness. He emphasized that in the medical literature are described many cases, when people are in a state of minimal consciousness, fully awake.

Many scientists were critical of the experiment on the revival: they have repeatedly stressed that the cases of recovery of the deceased’s brain is practically unknown. A rare mention of similar stories in medical journals rather contradictory.

An experiment that has not yet begun, has caused much controversy. Opponents of the research emphasized that scientists haven’t tested the technique in animals and have not received evidence of its effectiveness. Bansal, however, retorted that adequate animal model exists.

In November it became known that in India the experiment exactly should be held. The national Institute of medical statistics under Indian Council of medical research ruled out “experiments on the revival” from the Register of clinical trials conducted in the country. The authors believe that the study will continue. Most likely the experiment outside of India.

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