Vitamin dope. Can you do without supplements?

Myth. Those who eats a balanced, lack of vitamins no.

In fact: the diet of modern man, even the most diverse and balanced, deficient in most vitamins by 20-30%. It turned out this way. On average we spend 1500-2000 calories a day.

Scientists from the US and France have laid these figures into the computer, indicated the chemical composition of the core of French dishes and gave the car a task to calculate the ration, maximum rich in vitamins. A rough “menu” was able to compose only by ascorbic acid: in order to fill the daily requirement for vitamin C, the computer recommended daily drink 2 cups of lemon juice. All the other vitamins we get from bread, flour, rice, millet, buckwheat and oats, milk, eggs, butter, vegetable oil, meat, beef liver and kidney. But, in order to the body is “satisfied” with the nutrients you need to eat a high dose of these products. For example, the daily norm of b vitamins contains 1.5 kg of buckwheat and oatmeal. Do eat enough?

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The names of the vitamins have a historical basis. First opened retinol, and he became known as vitamin A. Then a has been found thiamin, named V. it was Later discovered several water-soluble vitamins, which in addition to the letters In the appropriated even the serial number. Later some of them “deleted” from the list, so in modern medicine there is no such thing as, for example, vitamin B4 or B7.

Vitamin deficiency: how to support your body

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Myth. The first signs of deficiency — tiredness and irritability.

In fact: in the medical literature describes in detail the symptoms of the lack of a certain vitamin. However, in reality the body is always missing a few, because many biologically active substances work in tandem. For example, folic acid deficiency can be caused by a deficiency in the diet of both the folate and vitamins B and B12, which help it to be absorbed.

What foods most vitamins? Infographics

Myth. The more acidic the product, the more vitamin C.

Actually: the amount of vitamin C the taste is not defined. For example, 100 grams of fresh cauliflower more than 100 g citrus, and despite the fact that cabbage is absolutely not sour. Acidity many fruits give citric and oxalic acid.

By the way, protect you from colds vitamin C? As shown by research, and those who made it, and those who have neglected colds often equally. But transferred the cold in different ways. Those who regularly swallowed the pills, endured the disease is easier and recover faster.

Myth. To determine whether there is enough in the body of a vitamin, can blood.

In fact, in many cases, a blood test will be really enough but still no unified standard and unified opinion about what value is the concept of “deficiency”. That’s why you could encounter completely different data depending on the particular lab. As if in mockery of scientists some vitamins tend to be stored in the most inaccessible places. For example, to obtain reliable data on the vitamin A you need nothing less than to take a biopsy of the liver!

Vitamins from the plate. What contains a lot of vitamins C and D

The amount of vitamins in the body is changing constantly. For example, if we eat a large red grapefruit, after a couple of hours we jump in the level of vitamin C. is it worth it to smoke a cigarette, as he falls along with the level of folic acid.

Myth. To be healthy, we all just have to take multivitamin supplements.

Actually: Yes, the use of many vitamin supplements have got the evidence base. For example, it is known that folic acid should be taken by pregnant women because it prevents congenital abnormalities neural tube. Calcium and vitamin D helps stop the thinning of bones in women in the period after menopause. But if we trust only to multivitamins, we will lose other important components of natural products (protein, fiber, etc.), which these pills contain. That’s why scientists and nutritionists recommend to refrain from multivitamin and to give preference to natural products. For example, milk, even raw, is a good source of calcium and certain vitamins, including vitamins of group B. If it is really necessary, take additional 1-2 vitamins.

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