Autumn strike. Why don’t you want to work?

“I’m too lazy!”

To deal with this unpleasant feeling, you need the right attitude. Start with the simple, routine cases. First, it will help to cope with the current job, which would have to be distracted then, and secondly, will allow to “accelerate” before proceeding to a more responsible assignment. Sometimes laziness attacks occur at the most inopportune moment, when you have accumulated a lot of cases. The appearance of a lazy mood at this moment suggests that you just a little stuck and don’t know what to do. In this case you should choose are important, but not too heavy cause — it helps you to log in.

“I don’t wanna”. Where does the laziness and how to fight it?

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“I’m tired!”

In this situation, to improve performance, you need to work less. Try to take breaks often. don’t bring unfinished work home, come to the service rested and refreshed. Only in this case, you will be able to work with pleasure. Maybe you have recently recovered from a cold and the extra load you to anything. Then your unwillingness to work is a defensive reaction from overwork. In this case it makes sense to drink a course of vitamins, to pay attention to tonic infusions, such as tea made with ginseng or eleuthero, and to postpone all difficult, at least for a week. During this time, you finally regain your energy and enthusiasm will return.

“Can’t concentrate!”

The main enemy of focus is the execution of several tasks simultaneously. Break up the work into blocks. For example, scroll half an hour to communicate with clients, two hours for drafting, 15 minutes for e-mails. Try not to mix these classes. In order to switch from one case to another, the brain takes about 25 minutes.

To focus front of important, slowly take a breath. Each inhale and exhale should last at least 5 seconds. If you feel that you are tired and attention began to dissipate, take a break, for example, simply sit with closed eyes for 5 minutes.

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“I want to sleep!”

The best remedy against sleepiness — a Cup of coffee. Just keep in mind: to invigorating drink acted as efficiently as possible, drink it immediately after waking up a few hours after you get out of bed. The most active time of work of the caffeine from 9.30 to 11.30 hours, according to British neuroscientists. It turns out that caffeine interacts with the hormone cortisol vitality, but because coffee drink at a time when the level of this hormone in the body is low.

The diet of the workaholic

Meat and fish. For the coordinated work of the brain need protein.

Citrus. Rich in vitamin C that increases body tone.

Porridge. Cereals give a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

Nuts. The kernels of the nuts causes the body to produce dopamine — a substance activates the mental reaction.

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How to mobilize

On the way to the office. Walk on foot. Just 30 minutes of brisk walking can improve mental processes. The fact is that while walking, breathing quickens, enhanced heart activity and increase blood flow, causing the brain receives more oxygen.

At your Desk. Place your order. It just seems that finding the right things, buried under the rubble of papers, takes very little time. In fact, the loss is quite noticeable. Meticulous scientists calculated that if cluttered Desk, searching for the right document takes about 30% of the time.

For lunch. Going to eat, do not bring a smartphone or tablet. Scientists conducted an experiment on volunteers. Half of the participants during lunch read with a mobile phone screen, and the rest communicated with colleagues. It turned out that those who prefer the smartphone during lunch, at the end of the day more often complained of fatigue and decreased performance. Scientists give this explanation: reading from the screen of the phone gives unnecessary strain on the brain. It is worth noting that reading books or Newspapers such effect is not.

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