Back to fascism?

Hysterical allegations that Russia is in a moment will start a war, sounds of Sweden, Norway, Britain, the Baltic States and Poland. The latter applies to this activity — about 100 thousand people waiting for the Russian invasion were enrolled in the voluntary paramilitary groups.

Jerzy Pow, the leader of the Polish military and Patriotic society “Kursk”, which deals with the protection and restoration of Soviet monuments:

— It seems to me that the Polish authorities like to live with a sense of danger, a sense of constant threat and the close of the war. Yes, at first glance, it consolidates the people. But few people think how this might affect the future. And while all this negative energy spills out onto those who can not answer, — monuments of Russian Soviet soldiers. There is a real war with monuments — we know that we are going to destroy 500 monuments of the Soviet era. Russophobia has now become the official political line of our government. That flows every day on TV, can only be described as aggressive propaganda. Our media fawn and curry favor with power. About Russia, you can say either bad or nothing.

The war with the dead. Why Poland demolish the monuments to Soviet soldiers?

Our military and Patriotic society, which in the memory of the biggest battle of the Second world is called “Kursk”, held in 2008, but we actively work somewhere 4 years. Will not boast, but something we made: have restored 4 of the cemetery, 24 of the monument was repaired and supported. And all this time talking about us, how about Russia, or bad, or silent. Freedom of speech! On the street I can scream anything, but for media I would like not. They say about me as a person, which undermines the unity of the Polish nation who was obsessed with the Soviet myth. But in fact the opposite. Mythologizing a story they. And it is very scary. It is a threat to the poles themselves. I fear that this resurgence of fascist tendencies in the Baltic States, as in Ukraine, where seriously want to erect monuments to SS. So — to remove to replace the Soviet and fascist.

And most importantly — there is no response. Even countries which suffered from fascism, are silent as if nothing was happening. Except Russia, no one reacts. Sometimes I think back 30 years: then Hitler also did in Europe what they wanted, and all, except the Soviet Union, were silent.

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