Buddha Bar in Krasnoyarsk have fined and ordered to change the name

A spokeswoman for the Krasnoyarsk Buddha Bar Natalia Myazina said that the facility was fined by the Prosecutor for insulting the feelings of believers, Interfax reports.

The thing is, and “there is no God!”. What really judge Victor Krasnov?

“Buddha bar” found guilty of offending religious feelings of Buddhists of Kalmykia, Tuva and Buryatia,” — said Myazina.

According to her, the institution was fined 30 thousand rubles, in addition, he was requested to rename the bar. The prosecutors also demanded to remove from images of Buddhist deities.

We will add that statement at the Buddha Bar wrote a resident of St. Petersburg, seeing in him the interior of insulting the feelings of Buddhists. Special indignation of the citizens of St. Petersburg called the name of the bar and a Buddha image in the design of institutions.

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