Crippled dog in Chelyabinsk the child was put into a coma

In the Chelyabinsk region, the doctors put in an artificial coma four month old child who previously was attacked by a Mastiff. The dog broke into the house, where the baby clung to his face.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The doctors stitched the wounds to the infant face and head. Now they are watching the condition of the child, trying to prevent inflammation. Any predictions about recovery of the baby they do not give, according to URA.Ru with reference to the representative of the regional hospital.

The incident occurred last Saturday in the town of Korkino, near the capital of the region. It is established that the Mastiff broke down the door to the room of a private home, where the child then attacked him.

At that moment, the boy’s parents were not around. According to some reports, the owners of breeding dogs.

A few days ago in the Chelyabinsk area there was a similar tragedy. In the village Tyuluk Katav-Ivanovo district, two dogs ran out from a private residence, attacked a seven year old boy. From obtained herbs the child died.

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