“”Fantastic beasts and where they live” topped the box office in the U.S. at the weekend

– Spin-off of the Saga of Harry Potter “Fantastic beasts and where they live”, as expected, has become the undisputed leader of the film in the U.S. and Canada at the weekend.

According to the resource BoxOfficePro, the film earned $75 million, which was slightly less than expected, Warner Bros., but still is a good result. Warner spent on creating paintings $180 million, and analysts believe that it will not be difficult to cover costs through ticket sales.

Worldwide fees of $218 million, while the shows have not yet started in China – the second largest film market in the world after the United States.

The picture, filmed on the script, Rowling with an Oscar winner Eddie Redmana in the lead role, unfolds in the universe of Harry Potter but 70 years before his birth, will become part of a massive new franchise of five films. Audience very graciously met a fairy tale, placing it a maximum “A” rating, according to CinemaScore.

Second place at the box office a huge backlog from the leader was taken by the Comedy “Almost seventeen” earned in America, only $4.8 million Charges for the sports drama “Pasmanski the devil” (in third place )was $2.4 million.

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