In Crimea, arrested two more persons involved in the preparation of sabotage

The court detained two more persons involved in business on preparation of diversions on objects of infrastructure of the Crimea, reports RIA Novosti.

The Kiev district court of Simferopol said that he was detained and arrested two Ukrainian saboteurs. One of them was a Colonel of the Main intelligence Directorate of Ukraine Oleksiy stogny, the second Ukrainian officer Gleb Shabliy.

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As explained in court, the Ukrainian scouts arrested last week, and the hearing was held behind closed doors. According to the court, the suspects will be detained for two months.

All were detained five spies, all of them acted on the territory of Sevastopol, said in court. According to investigators, the Ukrainian scouts have worked in the Crimea under the cover and watched the objects of the black sea fleet, had planned sabotage on the infrastructure of the Peninsula.

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Last week, the FSB announced the arrest in Sevastopol diversionno-terrorist group of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Three of those arrested confessed, despite the fact that Ukrainian intelligence is his involvement in the incident does not recognize.

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