In Moscow, the advocate of silence with a knife attacked neighbors

With a knife in his hand defending the right of peaceful sleep resident Nakhimovsky Prospekt on the night of November 21. The man went up to the neighbors-College students, staged in the apartment party, and caused them injury. The wounded were admitted to the hospital.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, the nerves of the Muscovite could not stand in the area of 2.00. Awakened by a resident of the 4th floor up to the neighbor from the 5th floor — there lodges 17-year-old College student No. 39 with his parent. The young man took advantage of the fact that mom went to visit a friend, was invited by a friend of the same age, a student of the same College. Buddies had fun drinking, roaring – this caused discontent of the tenant below. At first the man got his ass kicked in a door to students, and when they opened the door, shouting: “I told you so!” was attacked with a knife. One guy he shot in the chest, the other in the elbow. Wounded themselves, called the medics. After the treatment of wounds in the hospital let them go home. Statement on aggressive neighbor boys to write refused, although the district offered to bring the man to justice.

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