In the Internet appeared the first panoramic video shot in earth orbit

Aboard the International space station was filmed panoramic video, allowing the viewer to “look” inside the ISS. The video was prepared in the framework of the project “Space 360” and reportedly is the first panoramic survey made in zero gravity in orbit.


The project “Space 360” jointly organized by the state Corporation “Roscosmos”, rocket-space Corporation “Energy” and the TV channel RT. As reported, the aim of the project is the connection of entertainment and educational content. Russian cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko, who conducted a unique survey, expressed the hope that it will allow viewers to feel like the astronauts.

The first movie is devoted to the description of the project, the second — Andrey Borisenko with a panoramic camera on the International space station. He attends the module “Dome”, which, according to him, the astronauts try to spend as much of the little free time that they have. From the window in this module offers views of the Ground. Borisenko also shows through the window elements of the design of the station, for which the “outside” can see the crew emerging into the open space.

The special is available in six languages — besides Russian, English, Spanish, French, German and Arabic. It is planned to demonstrate the new video, continues the series.

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