Kral Alex, and sit Albina. What awaits transgender in prison?

“The sister spoke in the masculine gender”

In the male detention facility of Moscow has placed an unusual suspect. Passport Albina is a man, so the police had acted in accordance with the accepted standards.

Human rights activists are sounding the alarm: Albina appeared in a difficult life situation, lawyers tend not to allow that she was housed with men.

Fate has thrown Albina with twin sister eve in Moscow three years ago where they from the Rostov region went on hormone treatment for a sex change. Today 23-year-old girls are the only twins transgender. To change sex from male to female twins decided because of the diagnosis of “nuclear transsexualism”. Now they are nearing completion of the medical process. Albina underwent several operations for installing breast implants, lip enhancement, and performing other typical for a sex-change procedure. Now she takes hormones.

Alex looks like now. (photo courtesy of the lawyer Olga Badalian).

However, the plans violated Albina circumstances: she was arrested in one of the buildings of the FMS of Moscow, where she changed the passport from male to female.

“Upon receipt of the passport Agency staff to the sister appealed to the masculine, said he will handcuff her and drove to the police Department”, — told the journalists of Ren-TV Eva, adding that for any person to be in prison is a shock, and for a girl who is transgender, even more so.

Albina plan was transferred to the Rostov oblast in the place of the sentence of the court. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

“My sister is in a depressed emotional state, she has never been in such conditions,” explains Eva.

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Alexei Matyunina (Albina) five years ago, a court in Rostov oblast sentenced to two years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period of two years for stealing 1 800 rubles from the cash shop. According to investigators, Alexei Matyunin has violated the law, leaving Rostov oblast, for which he was declared the Federal wanted list and subsequently arrested.

In a Russian prison were transgender

Immediately after the arrest Albina human rights activists filed a petition to provide transgender special conditions of detention.

As explained to the correspondent Aify the Federal service of execution of punishments (GUFSIN), special conditions of stay for a prisoner may apply for operational reasons, for example if there is a threat to health or life. This rule and have used lawyers. It is difficult to imagine how it responded to male inmates in the neighborhood of Albina. So she is still in solitary confinement in SIZO-4 of Moscow.

Transgender was already in prison in Moscow. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

“She is in a quarantine cell, and has written a statement to the head of the detention center to let her be one. Not the fact that succeed, because people in jail a surplus, but we hope that this opportunity will seek”, — wrote on his page in the social network lawyer of the Committee for the prevention of torture and member of the PMC of Moscow Anastasiya Garina, visiting detained.

Human rights activist convinced that Albina, a young fragile brunette with a nice manicure is not a place in the men’s chamber. “I can not imagine how she will be able to find a common language with someone from neighbors in the cell,” said Anastasia Garina.

Prison chief Vladimir Mashkin reassured the public and relatives of Albina and promised to pick up the special prisoner the maximum accommodating company if you have to place it in a common cell. “We were already transgender, and without conflict,” said Vladimir Mashkin. In addition, he assured that hormones albino will be free to pass within the allotted days.

In jail albino promise to provide medical support. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

Currently, lawyers Albina maturinol achieve change of a preventive measure.

“We have filed documents in the Aksai court of the Rostov region, where Albina left on treatment to Moscow, told Aify lawyer Albina-Alexei Olga Badalian. — Perhaps it will be taken to the place of the early community.”

According to the defender, the situation is absurd, as Albina, in fact, did not break the law, not hiding, but in the end, petty theft, she now faces a real term of two years.

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“It’s not the kind of person who needs to hide from the police, she went for treatment to Moscow, but was always in touch by phone with the investigator from Aksay, even sent copy of passport to the city police Department”, — adds Olga Badalian.

On a General basis

In the past decade, the transgender people have made great privileges in society. In the UK, Israel, Australia, people who had a sex change, serve in the armed forces alongside everyone else. Only the US army has 7 thousand transgender people, 4 thousand are in stock.

In Russia to change their sex on legal grounds, in particular there is the ability to change the birth certificate (with a new name and specifying a floor) via the registry office, and then on the basis of the new certificate to obtain a passport and to change documents such as certificate, diploma. However, the attitude in Russia towards transgender people, and to all types of sexual minorities is mostly negative.

Best known for his public statements against such trends in society , State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov. A fighter for morality once said that undecided with his sexual orientation of criminals, including transgender people, should not be pitied, they should be sent to prison on a common basis.

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