Lack of sleep harm the kidneys

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Scientists have repeatedly reported that lack of sleep is harmful to health, confirming his words by the results of numerous studies. Lack of sleep may weaken the immune system, cause depression, memory impairment, weight gain and many other unpleasant consequences.

Scientists from the University of Illinois (University of Illinois) under the leadership of Ana Ricardo (Ana C. Ricardo) found that patients suffering from chronic kidney disease, you need to be especially attentive to how much they sleep. Lack of sleep can cause exacerbation of the disease and worsen the condition of patients.

In the experiment, which was conducted by the researchers, took part 432 adult patients with chronic kidney disease. With the help of special bracelets, researchers measured the sleep duration of participants, as well as about five years watching their health.

The average night’s sleep lasted 6.5 hours. During the follow-up, 70 participants developed kidney failure, and 48 people died. Each additional hour of sleep reduced the risk of developing renal failure by 19%, and increased sleep fragmentation on 1% (fragmentation of sleep due to micropropagate in multiple fragments) increased this probability by 4%. People experiencing daytime sleepiness, die 10% more often than those who during the day feel fresh.

Researchers believe that sleep quality is an underestimated risk factor for progression of chronic kidney disease. Professionals, leading to patients should pay more attention to the normalization of sleep patients.

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