On the Maidan there were clashes of activists with the police

Clashes with police in Kiev. 21 Nov 2016

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On the Maidan in Kiev there have been clashes between police and activists who tried to set fire to tires. In the capital and throughout Ukraine on Monday celebrated the third anniversary of the Euromaidan

In the center of Kiev on the Maidan there were clashes between police and members of the chamber, which is dedicated to the anniversary of the beginning of popular uprisings in 2013. It is reported by the correspondent channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to him, radical members of the national Assembly, which takes place on the Maidan, began to call upon the audience to bring the tires and set them on fire.

The correspondent of “Interfax-Ukraine” reports that the protesters began to behave aggressively when the police began to hinder the burning of tires. According to “112 Ukraine”, law enforcement officers tried to detain some of the activists.

“Ten minutes increased the number of law enforcement officers, their was about 500-600. Whether there are detainees, it is difficult to say”, — transfers the channel.

At the same time, the correspondent of UNN reports that the police detained five activists. “112 Ukraine” reports that in the center of the square lit the fire, but performances are held in a peaceful manner. Journalist Agency adds that the scene, which is installed on the Maidan, there was a call “to defend democratic values.” After that, according to “Interfax-Ukraine”, the square headed a group of young people shouting rushed to the established on the independence stele.

On Khreshchatyk street, which crosses the area, there are police cordons in several rows. They block the road and the pedestrian street, the Agency reports.

According to the General Directorate of the National police of Ukraine in Kiev, as of 19:00 on the Maidan gathered about 400 people. “Some participants tried to carry tires at the rally, but police did not let them”, — have informed “Interfax” in the police Department.

UNN also reports that activists lit tires on the Maidan, declared the intention to organize a peaceful March after the chamber. “We peacefully, without provoking militiamen, come on a peaceful March to the office of [the leader of the public movement “the Ukrainian choice”] Victor Medvedchuk”, — said one of the activists.

At the same time the correspondent of “Interfax-Ukraine” reported that “a column of several hundred protesters” have already approached the building, which, according to activists, is the office of Medvedchuk. The protesters shouted the slogan “Glory to Ukraine — glory to heroes” and began to break down the door, reports the journalist.

As reported by the eyewitness who is on the scene, the protesters broke Windows and doors in the office Medvedchuk near Bessarabska market. After that they moved to the building of the branch of Sberbank of Russia next. They knocked out Windows and doors and got inside. Police forces storm Ukraine did not interfere.

Medvedchuk is the former head of the presidential administration of Ukraine. Since 2014 he coordinates the exchange of prisoners is representative of the country in the trilateral contact group.

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