On the trail of the dress: the Internet users are arguing about the color of the Slippers

Internet sites and social networks are rapidly flies the photo of the Slippers, color of which different people perceive differently, even if they see a picture on the same screen. One shoes think brown-blue, others blue-black, a third white-gold or even any shades.

Photo: twitter.com/positivedemi

Original photo posted on his Twitter page the Internet user from Portugal, but soon it fell and on many other sites. As reported by the manufacturers of flip-flops is actually caught in the frame instances are light blue exterior and dark blue on the inside, just from the lighting in the photo is not so obvious.

The current dispute is not too different from the erupted in February last year — then a resident of Scotland Caitlin McNeill posted a photo of her blue-black dress, but since the photo was exposed in a similar way, most people found that it’s actually white gold. Some even noted that the garment as if the “change color” if they looked at it again after some time. How else, then, explained neuroscientist from Washington state University Jane NYC, the cause of such disputes lies in the fact that the human brain always perceives certain colors, focusing on “context”. Therefore, different people interpreted differently, what is photography lighting and therefore subconsciously “filter out” different shades. According to Naic, it is quite common phenomenon, though it rarely manifests itself so vividly.

Photo: social networks

Desperate controversy of the Internet users from time to time are not only the garments obscure color, but also some mathematical and logical problems — often in fact quite simple, but has not for many obvious answer. For example, in the beginning of this year the users of social networks are unable to come to a consensus about what should be the decision of a simple example, “6-1×0+2÷2=?”. Many did not realize that multiplication and division must be completed before addition and subtraction and, as a consequence, got the wrong answer.

About the same time in the Internet appeared the “problem about the apples, bananas and coconuts”. Fruits were in it as “unknown”, the value of each of which was necessary to figure out to get the answer to the last equation. The catch consisted in the fact that in this example, instead of four bananas as in other pictures, it was drawn three, instead of two halves of a coconut one. The author of the problem meant that the correct answer must be properly adjusted and the values corresponding to the fruit.

In September, social networks and many Internet sites spread through another problem, largely combining two previously published. As “unknown” in her use of the horse, horseshoes, and boots. Unlike the previous tasks, in addition to addition and subtraction to solve it necessary to perform a multiplication. Although the idea of the author that the objectives are clear and “correct” answer exists on it, some were unhappy with the way it is formulated — if horseshoes can be multiplied by the horse, this obviously makes the picture just abstract symbols, and if so, the picture “one Shoe,” does not have to indicate the number is two times less than the picture of the “two horseshoes”. In this sense, if we approach the problem strictly, it is unsolvable.

More curious it is possible to call the task “When is the birthday of Cheryl?”, last year published a Singaporean presenter Kenneth Kong. Although initially it was reported that she designed for fifth graders, it was later revealed that the task was prepared for the mathematics Olympiad in high school.

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