Patients can immediately after an appointment to review records of a doctor

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The Ministry of health issued a new decree governing patient access to their health information. Now people will be able to legally read those records that the doctor has made an appointment, immediately after the consultation. If they need to get their medical card on hand — you will need to contact the right healthcare institution with the request, and within 30 days, information will be required to provide. To study their data, the patient should be personally, but if he is incapacitated or has not reached the age of majority — read information can also legal representatives of the patient.

The order comes into force on 27 November, but experts are already talking about a new document with skepticism. The member of public Council of Ministry of health Sergey Lazarev said that in 30 days the employees of a healthcare institution will be able to fix all possible bugs in the map, which the patient would otherwise be found. He was supported by leader of the “League of defenders of patients” Alexander Saversky, who noted that although the entries in the map and do physicians, but medical records belong to patients, who should be able to find them in the same day. He said that there are situations when information may be required urgently — for example, to obtain a second opinion in another medical organization. Innovation on looking up the records of a physician after admission, the experts generally agreed, however, Alexander Saversky said that this is not enough — in his opinion, to avoid conflicts, you must in practice be bound by the signature of the patient, which he will certify that the treatment you have read and agree.

Another point of order regulates physical access to information now healthcare facilities will be required to provide the patient or his legal representative a separate room where he can read the entries in the map. The requirements for such a location is not specified, so, as suggests the head of the “League of defenders of patients” clinic simply fence off part of the premises in the lobby or near the reception Desk. The big drawback, according to Alexander Saversky, is that the data can not be obtained by proxy, i.e. a relative heavy patient will not be able to see his map, even if it will contain vital data. “League of defenders of patients” in the face of their leader plans to appeal to the Supreme court on appeal of the document.

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