Prize, uniting the Runet. A compilation of the views of participants

Of course, as in any other competition, it is not complete without emotion, intrigue, and even anguish, if you want. But one thing is important – there is an open door that leads to recognition and glory, through which can pass anyone. The chances are equal for all. The main thing – to have a soul not just a cool idea or developed the concept and a ready, viable and useful for the Internet community project. Information on how to see the Runet Prize of its regular participants/ winners, Internet guru and audience – today and will be discussed. Especially for the 13th anniversary of the awards we’ve gathered a selection of 13 experiences and stories.

Konstantin Shumov, Director of project development Yaplakal: “Our project — entertainment community Yaplakal (

We take part in Runet prize almost from the first years – the first time was nominated in 2005 in the popular Vote, confidently went on the first or second places, but in the end the vote was in fourth. Since then to the statue was a matter of honor.

As time went on, the project evolved and in 2014 we gained enough weight (about 4-5 million people a month) to confidently assert themselves in the vote. Thanks to the support of our users, we were able to win the first statue in the popular Vote as the best Community of the Runet in 2014. Will not exaggerate if we say that to receive the award on stage was exciting. 🙂 You’re looks not only leading space, but the users of the project, as well as the whole country through broadcasting. Experience bright and memorable! Then there was a second prize in 2015, the amusing figurine made on a 3d printer, and now we have them in two collections.
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About the award

The Runet prize is a national prize in high technologies and the Internet, celebrating outstanding achievements of leading companies in the field of information technology and electronic communications, government and public organizations, business structures, and individual leaders who have made significant contributions to the development of Russian Internet segment (Runet).

The Runet prize is awarded for the 13th time since 2004. During this time, the laureates of the Runet are more than 300 organizations.

The main value of participation in the award, in our opinion, the ability to declare the project not only for the already established audience, but also attract new ones, those who know about the list of winners. The Runet award is a distinctive mark of quality that adorns our website and helps users make the right choice in the big world of the Internet.

We wish you many years Awards and hope to win this year!”.

Andrey Skvortsov, Director of Mercator, the weather presenter on NTV: “the Vivid impression – roller “one to twelve”, dedicated to the 12th ceremony. The idea seemed so stupid that I immediately agreed. This version of shame I’ve ever had. The recording was in the Studio the Weather channel immediately after the weather, I asked the Directors to help. Remember how they were giving that starlings for corporate events Sabbat. Then put the music on your phone, rehearsed, and recorded a few takes. Did not watch, otherwise we would have rewritten this so far. To works kortneva are cherished, so if you really Pokhabov, with feeling. Then look the result and fun. Well, despite my participation.”

Alex Gapeev, chief editor of the Internet website “In 2015, we did what was prepared for almost a year – spent a complete redesign of the website of “Interfax”. In fact, we believe we have created a new category – only news site, which should help to understand that important is happening here and now.

On changes worked the whole team and the editors, designers, and developers. Runet award for us, including a recognition of the relevance and importance of this work. After all, the “Interfax” information Agency and is an integral part of the infrastructure of the Runet from the date of discovery news services, and its public website has an important mission – it allows users to get free professional information first hand.

Now, a year later, the statue Award of the Runet is in the wording in plain sight as a kind of quality mark. This is really a reason for pride!

Good luck to the nominees for the upcoming Awards!”.

Sonya Sokolova, editor of the portal “In the collection of Sounds – several awards of the Runet Award, and about a dozen nominations. The funny episode happened when the Prize changed the brand and I returned to the editor with the Golden column is “bent Bicycle wheel”. I puzzled asked, “Well, now we’ll have to change the furniture? This healthy fool in height in the closet with the award winning is not crawls!” In the end, changed the office.”

Sergei Baryshnikov, Director of the project BigPicture: “this year we filed his application in the category “Culture media and mass communication” and looking forward to November 22, to learn, will become winners.

We really need this prize because all of our friends it is (some even more), and we have not yet. And we are sad”.

Ekaterina Lobanova, Deputy Director of the Institute for the Development of the Internet: “This is a unique event and one of the most professional industry events in Russia. It is a platform where in one place you can see representatives of all the advanced Internet projects, fashion trends and daring ideas you’ll ever need. Honored to be a part of the nominees for the Award of the Runet”.

Lyudmila Bulavkina, partner member of the Expert Council and Expert Club of Runet Award: “We are in the second year to apply for the Award of the Runet, the last time made it to the shortlist – thanks to the experts for the high appreciation. This year we expect to win, since the service our experienced revolutionary qualitative changes and methods of payment of rent, and the interaction of the participants in the transaction – much more florid than the usual online sales things.

I evaluate the applications of the contestants for many years. On the one hand, from year to year are very famous and mass services, on the other – each time something new. The easiest way to compare projects according to their novelty (the date of the appearance in Runet). But this criterion is not always quality. The most important criteria consider the impact on society. It is the advent of social networking, Internet TV, online education and the online payment service is what has led millions of users to the Internet. What was once not known, not familiar, now is the massive use. Complex custom scripts, embodied in technological solutions that are not visible for the external interface of the website, just the effect on each of us to form habits, behavior and consumption in the Internet. Management tools and automation of advertising, constructors and engines for creating websites – this is another important unit on which to build the modern Internet. More than solution providers, the tougher the competition, the more we see high-quality corporate websites, business cards, online stores. Always pay attention to new players in this field. The Internet is subject to its own fashion – design, interfaces, volume and style of content delivery. I am glad that many of the nominees don’t go on the way of copying of success stories, and inventing their own ways to gain the audience. A special sense of humor and high intelligence are especially evident in mobile applications”.

Nicholas Turubara, head CHЕZA PROJECT: “Perhaps my most vivid impression of the Runet Award is when I was called to conduct backstage interviews with the winners and promised next year to do a co-host of the award. And did not. It was not fun crying in a pillow, two weeks or even three. With a pillow even lost… still am tormented in guesses what was the cause: whether the fact that I Nikiforova as a well-known blogger in the interview process presented, whether the butterfly is not the one wearing…”.

Alexey Borodkin, Director of product Notamedia: “For me the Runet Prize is inextricably connected with the Award of the Runet, which I was lucky enough to have a direct relationship. The first Award saw the light in 2007 thanks to Andrew Shipilov and joined his comrades in the face of max Makarenkova, Misha Homerville and, in fact, me. We decided to throw the gauntlet of informality in the face of the Internet of Paphos and to reward those whom no one else would dare to reward.

As I remember, we lit bill gates Sobchak and I think Lebedev for his notorious scandal with “Nokia”. The ceremony was extremely powerful – we were given at one stage (and in one ceremony) with the official “Runet Prize”, the event was broadcast on TV and we are with our gates-lebedevym-daffari feel like in a fairy tale. Actually, this is what we forgot to reward themselves the organizers of the “Runet Prize” in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year”.

And then came the crisis and Anteprime did not – and, again, she came alive only in 2011, when I decided to come back and resume the fun with the kind permission of father Anteprime Shipilova. Formed a new team (this and the next Award we did the mighty Trinity – I Val Alexander and Ilya Remizov, without which the updated “Anteprime” would not have been), but the essence remains the same – rewarding those projects and people that were bypassed official big prizes. For the selection and recruitment of candidates answered the whole cohort of experts, and in General in terms of organization we were all very seriously – to the point that “the Runet Award 2011” was an official venue for the after party a big “Runet Award”. It was fun, alcohol and a bunch of surprises – who remembers the “anti-Award”, I am sending you greetings.

In 2012, the “Award” was held under the slogan “same soup, but more”, so the event was even more sweeping, hilarious and riotous, is the combination of the now defunct “Bottler”, invited casino, cool musicians and heaps of hops has created a real bomb that halloo to one another in my head until now.

It is necessary to go to the occasion, I personally realized that I give everything in some way burned out and will not be able to outdo 2012, the rest of the team also had their views – and therefore, in 2013 the negative Award was conducted. Fortunately, crush vigor is not lost Sasha Wall, and she again revived the Award in 2014 for a couple with Anna Loginovsky and began another story. And the glory of God. Taking this opportunity, I send greetings to Andrei Shipilov, Sasha Val, Ilya Remizov and everyone who helped with the Award – it was a great time, and I’m glad to have had the whole dvizhuha most relevant. This is my Award Runet – or rather, the negative Award”.

Olga Alekseeva, PR Director Yota: “Runet Prize I have many experiences, including those not directly related to professional activities. For example, at the ceremony two years ago we first came out together with my future husband – Matthew. I remember some colleagues in the market then he wrote in FB that this was one of the most significant events of the ceremony. By the way, this year Yota and got a cherished statuette”.

Alexey Belyaev, head of the Committee on research IAB Russia “Runet Prize is always the opportunity to meet with colleagues, discuss, happy to congratulate the winners. A good start of the end of the year.”

Sergey plugotarenko, Director RAEC, the organizer and inspirer of the Runet Award “Runet Prize” is unique in that it’s really a long project – it has been held for the 13th time. From the beginning we have tried to automate the whole process, this can be done thanks to RUNET–ID. This system gives us access to experts and expertise, who really is an expert in a particular area. Using exact formulas for the analysis of “big data,” we define active those experts who were speakers at industry conferences, has been highly appreciated by listeners on the basis of performances, spoke on relevant topics and often did it during the year. These people become experts of Runet Awards.

As for the winners, this year noticeable the following trend: the state is showing increasing interest in cooperation with the industry, proving that public services are, in principle, can compete with commercial. Examples include not only the portal but also many other user-oriented and business, Federal and regional services. It would be nice if the state would do something in business “not reached”. For example, when the state developed channels and networks in the regions, it could open the communication channels in such regions and localities where the business would not come (where it is not economically feasible or simply impossible without state participation).

Katerina Logvinov, Director of communications Runet Rating & CMS Magazine: “the Runet Award is a very curious phenomenon. Completely different things, when you go to the ceremony, in order to plunge in communication with colleagues (i.e. nice and helpful to spend time) and when relevant to nominated projects and sincerely care about them. This year’s nominated a lot of great projects and I sincerely wish them all victory.”

Anna Loginovskaya, an expert on digital communications: “The Runet Award in 2010 for the design used stafari – these shapes out of cardboard in full growth with images of various well-known industry people: Alexei Venediktov, Sergei Plugotarenko, bloggers. Among etizh figures majestically stood Onotole. All evening I kept an eye on him, and closer to the end of the event, the mind has matured a plan: “Onotole cannot be thrown in the trash. Onotole come home with me!”. I waited until the crowd disperse and went to watch his beloved. But then, as it turned out, not one I wanted them to have. Onotole so easy for me not to give up, but I’m not looking for easy ways. By half an hour of confrontation, I still proved his right to Wasserman, the opponents retreated home empty handed. In my hands was the figure more than I am with which that night we went to three bars, and then rode in a taxi through Moscow at night. Romance!”.

Read the rules of participation on the official website of the event

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