Putin spoke about his secret baptism

Russian President Vladimir Putin shared the story of his baptism, reports Russia 1.

According to the Russian Chapter, he was baptized secretly at the Leningrad Transfiguration Cathedral, and the ceremony could carry out the father of the current Patriarch Kirill.

Fate. Smolensk priests of Patriarch Kirill

“When I was baptized — it was at the end of 1952, my mother told me how it was. Baptized me in secret from his father, he was a member of the Communist party. I don’t know how this mystery was really serious, but in any case, I was told when I grew up,” — said Putin in the film “Patriarch”.

He also added that the priest who conducted the baptism ceremony, suggested to name the baby Michael.

“He says: today is Michael’s day, and I said, Michael. Mom apologized, saying, sir, sorry, we’re named in honor of his father. He says: okay. Such a kind, quiet father,” added the Russian head.

He said that a few years ago learned Patriarch Kirill that his father’s name was Michael, he was a priest in the fifties of the last century, served in the Preobrazhensky Cathedral.

We will remind that on Sunday, November 20, Patriarch Kirill was 70 years old. Vladimir Putin congratulated the priest telegram. The President said his contribution to the development of interreligious and interethnic dialogue, as well as to the strengthening of peace and social harmony in Russia. The President awarded the Patriarch the order “For merits before Fatherland” I degree.

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