“RCC has received the recovery criteria in the International Paralympic Committee

The criteria were developed in consultation with WADA

The international Olympic Committee (IASC) was sent to the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC) recovery criteria in their ranks, said the press service of the IPC.

“On Monday, the IPC sent to RCC recovery criteria that it must meet to cancel the suspension of the membership in the IPC”, – said the press-service of the International Paralympic Committee released on Monday.

In the MPC noted that the criteria were developed in consultation with the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) and identify key tasks that need to perform PCR to restore the membership in the IPC. The list of criteria published, they set out on 11 pages.

According to the report, the President of the IPC Philip Kremen puts the timing of the restoration of the membership of the RCC and the Russian side should implement all requirements. “The purpose of the restore criteria to help RCC to carry out a significant practical and cultural changes required to restore membership in the IPC. To carry out the necessary changes in no time. We will immediately cancel the suspension of membership as soon as we are sure that all the criteria are fully implemented,” said Craven.

The President of the IPC said that the organization wants closer cooperation with the Russian side to accelerate the implementation of this task. He called RCC an important part of the Paralympic movement and noted the desire of the Russian athletes to compete in the international arena.

Craven said that the IPC will soon offer RCC to meet in a few weeks to discuss joint work.

The Russians were not allowed to the Paralympics

August 23 court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) dismissed the appeal of the Paralympic Committee of Russia the decision dated 7 August the suspension of RCC membership in the IPC. The court in Lausanne decided that it was done in accordance with the rules of the International Paralympic Committee.

The removal of PKR means a ban on the filing of the application for participation of all Russian Paralympians at the games in Rio, which took place from 7 to 18 September in Brazil.

RCC filed a lawsuit in the Federal court of Switzerland, but the claim was rejected. And Russians in the Paralympics are not made.

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