Russian defense Ministry announced the abduction in Crimea two soldiers

Photo: Ekaterina Kuzmina/RBC

The Ministry of defense of Russia said that the Ukrainian intelligence services detained in Crimea and transported to the territory of Ukraine two Russian soldiers — warrant officer and Sergeant. The Agency said that the kidnapping occurred on Sunday

The security service of Ukraine kidnapped in Crimea, two Russian military and took them to the territory of the Nikolaev area of Ukraine, said the Russian defense Ministry. According to the Ministry, the kidnapping occurred on Sunday.

“On 20 November at about 13:00 Moscow time employees of the security service of Ukraine was illegally detained and deported from Crimea to the territory of the Nikolaev region (Ukraine) the Russian military: Lieutenant Odintsov Maxim E. and younger Sergeant of contract service Baranov V.” — quoted by TASS Agency.

The defense Ministry also said that, according to some reports, the Ukrainian special services have taken “attempts to fabricate against Baranova A.V. and Odintsova, M. E. criminal prosecution for allegedly committed crimes against Ukraine”.

“We consider these actions of the Ukrainian intelligence services against Russian citizens yet another grave provocation and we demand their immediate return to the territory of the Russian Federation”, — reads the statement of the Ministry of defense.

Monday, November 21, the Kyiv district court of Simferopol arrested two more defendants in the case “Ukrainian saboteurs” in the Crimea. “Detained and arrested two Ukrainian saboteurs,” said the court. One of them is Colonel of the main intelligence service of Ukraine Oleksiy stogny, the second Ukrainian officer Gleb Shabliy.

Arrest Stogniy and Sable was made last week, the court session was held behind closed doors, and became aware of it only on Monday, November 21.

On 10 November, the FSB announced the detention in the Sevastopol members of subversive groups of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, which, according to intelligence agencies, was preparing acts of sabotage on military installations in the Crimea. On the same day, three suspects were arrested by the Lenin court of Sevastopol. The Kyiv court of Simferopol noted that Stogniy and Shabliy, along with three previously arrested are members of one of the subversive group operating in Sevastopol.

The Ukrainian defense Ministry has denied the existence in the Crimea and sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the Department.

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