Russian scientists have presented a method to obtain coal gold

A group of Russian specialists from the Far East have learned to make gold from coal. The installation of a prototype already developed by scientists, will be able to extract one gram of gold from each ton of incinerated solid fuel. As the press service of the far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, researchers for fifteen years studied the coal from various fields. However, now we are talking about the prototype of a mechanism that would help to realize the idea of researchers in life.


Scientists explain that, in practice, their discovery will allow you to avoid along with the gold in recoverable coal annually “thrown away” millions of rubles profit potential. By setting plans to clear the smoke from the burning of coal. Impurities are first eluted with water and then trapped are trapped by the filters, which further remove gold-bearing concentrate.

Scientists hope to implement a design on one of the boiler region in the next year.

Two years ago, the specialists of the far Eastern Federal University, said that they managed to develop the technology for the production of precious metals from waste combustible stone. Then experts acted with even more bold estimates — they claimed that each ton of ash you can get up to 2.5 grams of gold.

Since then scientists from different countries have suggested and some others, including more exotic “sources” of gold. In particular, last year the scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University have figured out how to recycle the sulphuric acid production in gold, silver, copper, zinc, and in a number of other useful metals. Earlier experts of the United Nations University made a report that in 2013, about 300 tons of gold (11 percent of global production of the precious metal per year) was literally thrown in the trash along with the equipment, which it was. But this summer researchers Junagadh agricultural University in the Indian state of Gujarat said that they managed to find gold in the urine of the gir cows.

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