Russians illegally tried to cross the border at an acute religious need

Russian border guards detained the inhabitant of the Amur region trying to illegally leave Russia to China has not yet established the ice of the Amur river. Male, as reported by RIA “Novosti”, explained the act desire to visit a Buddhist temple in the neighboring country.


As told in the press service of the local border guard, the man was stopped when he fled to China, before crossing the border.

Moreover, the detention was made with the help of sniffer dogs, their guards on the intruder. Those particularly noted that he did it after the stipulated law verbal warning.

Arrested was 23-year-old man who has explained that the attempt to cross the border made out of a desire to visit a Buddhist temple in the neighboring country. These words have become the excuse to send him for psychiatric examination.

Note that for the last time this is not the first attempt of crossing the Russian border with an unusual motivation. So, last week the country had been deported a US citizen trying to get from Kazakhstan to Novosibirsk region of Russia in search of “a better life”.

During the trial he stated that after the detention was disappointed in the “famous Russian hospitality”.

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