Surgeons pulled from the intestines of 10-year-old patient a foot and a half of hair

Unique operation was spent by the surgeons of the Kemerovo city clinical hospital. They removed from the intestine of a decade of patient education out of the hair, which reached 50 centimeters in length.


The girl delivered in resuscitation unit of Mariinsk. She complained of acute pain in the abdomen and nausea. The doctor then felt in the area of the intestine Schoolgirls surround education. All evidence of intestinal obstruction, but not all the symptoms fit to a characteristic clinical picture.

After further examination, the doctors decided to perform diagnostic laparoscopy, which gradually turned into full-scale operation. Two hours it took the doctors to remove the cause of the disease, which turned out to be a tuft of hair of the patient.

Doctors say that faced with a similar case for the first time in decades of work in pediatric surgery. “It is considered a manifestation of trihobezoar (foreign body of the hair). This pathology is very rare”, commented acting head of the Department of General surgery DGKB Constantine Sources, reports RIA Novosti.

He explained that the girl had strained relations with classmates. When the girl was worried, she bit her own spit. Now doctors assess the condition of the child satisfactory, intestinal permeability is restored. Very soon the girl will go home, said the hospital.

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