Symbols of discord. As Perm Carver became a “Nazi”

This summer in Prikamye at the festival “Kupala night” 50-year-old artist Sergey Kamenev, a regular guest at such events, put their amulets and Souvenirs in the Mall. Suddenly he was approached by police. “Conduct an inventory and seizure, and later drew up a report” dryly said they. So began the scandal Perm Creator-“Nazi”.

“Six years engaged in the manufacture of the ancient Slavic subjects, but this happened to me the first time. To be honest, very shocked and stand still,” sighs the Permian.

Wooden “idols” created by the Perm master. Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Ovchinnikov

From the icons to the “idols”

Sergey since the childhood dreamed to devote his life to art. In his youth, after graduating from art school, wrote the icons, gave them in gift the Ural monasteries and temples (about 60 icons), making various wooden crafts. However, in the 90th he was not up to the creativity needed to make money. For almost 15 years, he worked as a welder in the North.

Sergei gave a gift to their icons Ural monasteries and temples. Photo: personal archive/ Sergei Kamenev

One day, returning from another trip, and therefore got acquainted with public men, the Gentiles, dedicated to the promotion of ancient Slavic culture to the masses. Sergey has read the literature, delved into the subject and decided to make Souvenirs on this subject — murals, sculpture (idols) and jewelry. “After all, art wouldn’t let me,” he smiles.

Each object in his large collection of creations is unique. Working at home in free style, invents scenes out of any of the canons. Wood patterns are mixed with old huts, the Slavic heroes and symbols: chanter, overcoming-grass, Kolowrat. It is the latter and attracted the attention of the police.

“Actually, I was born in an atheistic country and was always an atheist. For me creativity is a way of self — realization and earnings. I am not a sectarian, not an extremist, but a simple artist. What order, then I do. Look, I make more than items Slavonic subjects, but also Muslim, Christian” — throws up his hands master.

The “battle” of experts

After the arrest of Kamenev was charged under article “propaganda or public demonstration of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols or paraphernalia or symbols of extremist organizations”. At the first meeting, the prosecution prepared the examination made by the specialist Perm state pharmaceutical Academy.

The first creation Kamenev — the mask of Baba Yaga. Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Ovchinnikov

Lecturer Alexei Antonov found that made Kamenev artifacts “are spasticeski pagan symbols similar to Nazi”. The expert also pointed out that the festival organizers wanted to “immerse its participants in a certain emotional state” and on this basis concluded that the event was religious, thus aggravating the guilt of the wood Carver.

As a result, the artist was found guilty. Sergei appealed and the next hearing came prepared with a lawyer and a private expertise.

Candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor of modern history, Perm state University Galina Volgareva studied the work of Kamenev and found that all the characters are pan-European and runes long been present in Russian art, plus “nothing to do with Nazi symbols”.

On each job the Permian takes from several days to a week. Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Ovchinnikov

“German symbols are unable to absorb the sacred runes, which turned out to be rich in all the traditional Russian culture. And Hitler only used the reverse swastika and a limited number of runes,” — said Volgareva.

Despite all the arguments of the defense, the judge did not cancel the previous decision and sentenced the artist to a fine of one thousand rubles. Says Kamenev, who came to the meeting in a Slavic shirt, here it is not so much a punishment as a revealing process.

“I was forbidden to manufacture ancient objects. But the fact that recently, the “indignant people” began to climb in the arts and complain about everything, it just bums me out. By the way, I heard in the bodies that I just did the extreme. I don’t want to live in a country where people forget their culture. Not so bad, don’t. And called me a Nazi,” he sums up.

Sergey works at home in a small workshop. Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Ovchinnikov

The experts

Lawyer Marina Kazantseva: “it All depends on the vigilance of the security forces. If the sight falls on the artist, agitating their drawings of Nazi theme, then, of course, to give impetus. I believe you need to develop in art, only good, but not the characters, which was subsequently negative.

Theatre of discord. Activists are trying to close the show with “lesbian scenes”

In General, the state acts against the promotion of Nazi symbols. So here the court was not in respect of any particular person, but in relation to what he portrayed”.

Perm artist Vladimir syomochkin: “This is a purely political matter, which no one is immune. As they say, everything is calm today, and tomorrow the court.”

Human rights activist and public figure Roman Yushkov: “what happened in Perm — an utter absurdity and a mockery of justice. Reading the case materials, I was struck by the police, the staff of the Centre for combating extremism. They arrived at the festival in mufti, recorded Russian folk songs on the recorder and photographed the works of the masters. I want to ask, you win the entire crime again began to hunt for artists? I believe in this story, where we are talking about ancient Russian culture, the actions of the security forces and the court a lot of questions.”

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