The Council of Europe, noted Russia’s efforts to combat corruption

Photo: Zurab javakhadze/TASS

Russia has implemented most of the recommendations of the panel of the Council of Europe on the fight against corruption, but in some questions the officials noticed and “step back”

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, during the third round of monitoring of the national anti-corruption policy, which was conducted by a group of States of the Council of Europe against corruption (“Greco”), the officials found that Russia has implemented 11 of the recommendations, and another 10 were partially completed.

The authors of the report indicate that in 2014 Russia has fulfilled only three recommendations, while by 2016 this number has increased significantly.

In particular the document States that Russia has managed to cope with the criminalization of bribery of arbitrators and international parliamentarians, to provide a sufficiently broad interpretation of the concept of bribes, to streamline regulatory framework of financing of elections and for the consideration received by the parties non-cash donations and loans.

Were partly implemented the recommendation on the introduction of criminal liability for the promise of benefits. Still a very short Statute of limitations for criminal liability for minor bribery.

However, there are moments in “Greek” was of concern. So, the recent reform of anti-corruption provisions of the Penal code so considered “significant step backwards”. In particular, we are talking about that is not accepted the norm against trading in influence.

The report also did not see any special measures aimed at overcoming public distrust in the electoral commissions allegedly being influenced by the state apparatus. The experts also saw the continuing problem of the abuse of power to intimidate political opponents and misuse of authority by civil servants.

Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman told “Vedomosti” that the result of Russia’s successful against the backdrop of Germany, Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden, “experiencing significant challenges in implementing the recommendations of the third round of the Greco”. According to him, any outstanding recommendations left, and partial compliance means that the country has taken significant steps and they are well received.

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