The famous American astronomer predicted the invasion of robotic aliens

Seth Shostak, an astronomer at the American research non-profit SETI Institute, said that the first representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations that will be in touch with the Earth, in all probability, will be robots. “Hunter aliens” explained that the aliens are unlikely to be big-headed humanoids, as they are shown in many science fiction films, because at a particular stage of development they themselves will turn themselves into machines.


According to him, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations will “give up” of organic bodies in favor of mechanical, because this way they will be able to conquer sickness and hunger. Besides, machines will be much simpler than living beings in the conventional sense, to endure space flight.

Scientist suggests that the transforming robots waiting for any sufficiently advanced civilization. After a few centuries of such goes and mankind, says Shostak. Aliens to the point of possible contact, according to astronomers, the machines are almost certainly to send a signal into space, they must at least invent a radio, that is to usher in an era of rapid progress. This means that by the time such a signal reaches the Earth, the relocation of the robot on the planet with which it was shipped, it is unlikely to be a fantasy.

According to Seth Shostak, one of the main features of the civilization on earth and in the theoretically existing alien) — the desire to make devices, in some ways more “effective” than their creators. Now on Earth there are many computers at solving certain problems better than people. In this regard, the scientist sees the creation of advanced robots and the future “resettlement” they likely step of progress. In this regard, the astronomer calls not to believe that aliens that can communicate with humans, will certainly like them.

Your thoughts the researcher shared during the conference, held in San Francisco.

The SETI Institute is an American research organization, whose name stands for search for extraterrestrial intelligence, that is, “the search for extraterrestrial intelligence”. SETI aims to “explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the Universe”.

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