The first Christmas theft in Moscow: Santa Claus dismantled for parts

The first Christmas the theft occurred Sunday in the North of Moscow — on the porch of the beauty salon on the Dmitrov highway for the fun of it stole faux Santa Claus. The villains were detained on the same day, it was the residents of suburbs.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, a Christmas doll is kidnapped in front of the stunned employees at 13.30 — by schools towards metro was a group of 10 young people (18 to 22 years old). They chattered, laughed, in short, were drunk. No wonder that the guys struck “accept” in the company of Santa Claus. By the way, this doll (meter tall) belongs to beauty salon. For many years in anticipation of the holiday character exhibited daily in the morning on the porch, and in the evening entered the room. The local children loved to be photographed on his background.

Three guys, cackling, grabbed Santa Claus and started to run. The witness called the police. The guards were on the scene a few minutes later and soon arrested the bullies — they were going to take the train. Santa Claus was not with them now — the doll killed on the road and was thrown, and the component parts collected throughout the County. The plastic head is broken, the torso separate from the arms. The villains took the clothes from character of the new year (a festive camisole pulled the one of the kidnappers joke).

Anyway, the instigators of the crime identified is two 18-year-old boys, residents of the Moscow region. They were detained, and after questioning was released. Police opened a criminal case under article UK “hooliganism”. Damage is estimated approximately in 10 thousand roubles. To put in order the spoiled doll does not work, so staff are planning to buy a new Christmas symbol.

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