The government has proposed to increase the punishment for football fans

Fans during a football match

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The governmental Committee approved the bill toughening responsibility for riots in stadiums, for gross violation of rules of conduct may be banned to attend the competition for seven years

A ban on matches

The government intends to toughen the punishment for sports fans who participate in the riots. Monday, November 21, the government Commission on legislative activities approved the relevant amendments to the Code of administrative offences (Cao), told RBC a source in the Commission confirmed the source in the Cabinet. The document was developed in anticipation of the world Cup, which Russia will host in 2018.

In particular, the amendment that was read by RBC, introduced penalties for gross violation of rules of behavior at official sports competitions — a fine in the amount from 10 thousand to 20 thousand rubles. or administrative arrest up to 15 days with a ban on visiting the competition from one year to seven years.

Gross violation of the rules of conduct are actions that endanger their own safety, life, health, and safety of those who have followed the competition or located on site. Will be punished and violation of rules of conduct which resulted in the suspension or termination of a sporting event, says the text of the bill.

If gross violation of the rules made by foreign citizens, then they face a fine in the amount from 10 thousand to 20 thousand rubles, and expulsion from the country. If foreigners reside in Russia, the expulsion will be replaced by a ban on visits to the stands for a period from one year to seven years.

The government also proposes in the case of violation of the ban on visiting matches to punish football fans with a penalty from 40 thousand to 50 thousand rubles or administrative arrest for a period from ten to 15 days. Now fans face a fine of 20 thousand to 25 thousand rubles. or arrest till 15 days.

After approval by the government Commission on legislative activities amendments must be agreed within the Cabinet, and after that the document can be sent to the state Duma.

Riots in Marseille

The behavior of Russian fans at the European championship on football in France in July this year, provoked a scandal. After the meeting between the football teams of Russia and France in Marseille, a group of around 30 Russian fans broke through the cordon of stewards and managed to get into the sector of fans of the opponent. In the process they attacked several British and also threw fans with foreign objects. The brawl continued until, until the stewards intervened. Clashes with Russian fans, however, happened before the match.

The police of Marseilles arrested several Russian fans, they were charged with participating in the riots. 16 Jun Marseille court sentenced to imprisonment of three Russian fans: Nikolai Morozov was sentenced to one year imprisonment, Director on work with fans FK “the locomotive” Alexey Aronov — two years, and the Director of the fan club of the Tula football club “Arsenal” Sergei Gorbachev, a half years of imprisonment. They are also deprived of the opportunity of entering France for two years.

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The clashes of fans in Marseille

In Marseilles, where on Saturday took place the first match of Russian national team for Euro 2016, have been clashes between football fans. Before the match England and Russia on the streets…

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Work with the fans

This summer, July 3, Russia signed the Council of Europe Convention on the safety of football matches, which obliges to punish provoking unrest fans: the Convention requires a ban on visits to the stadium, the imposition of sanctions on the fans in the countries where they perpetrate violence, or where they live.

In Russia, security forces intensified work with the fans in the beginning of this year.

In February, the Metropolitan police detained a number of fans and conducted a search after a mass brawl on the street Great pirogovskay in the center of Moscow. After a police RAID in the offices were taken over 30 fans, in fact the incident a criminal case under article 213 of the criminal code (“Hooliganism”).

At the end of September this year, the searches were held in the office of the all-Russia Association of fans (VOB) and the house at the head of the organization Alexander Spriggina. The Spriggina was detained at the conference of the Russian football Union (RFU). President RFS Vitaly Mutko explained the detention Spriggina mass brawl, which was attended by Russian fans at the European championship 2016 in France. Spragin was one of the organizers of the Russian fans, three of whom were sentenced in France to real time for participating in fights, and more than 20 supporters were expelled from the country.

Toughening of responsibility for violation of the rules of conduct in the stadiums related to the upcoming world Cup, said RBC Spragin. “The tightening is bad, but it’s not the most serious tightening that you can imagine. Previously, the government was talking about criminal liability or penalties in the hundreds of thousands of rubles, but so far these proposals have not considered”, — said the head of the VOB. According to him, it is necessary to toughen responsibility for the riots in the stadiums and to make existing provisions of the law were executed, and the punishment was inevitable.

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