The head of administration of trump: the registry of Muslims in the United States will not be created

The head of the future administration elected President of the USA of Donald trump Raines Priebus denied rumors that the country will create a registry of Muslims, reports The Independent.

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Primus confirmed that citizens of countries that “help the terrorists or train them on its territory” will not be able to immigrate to the United States.

“We will not create a registry based on religion, – said the politician. We want to say that there are some people who are radicalized, and some should not be allowed into the country.”

According to Primus, American politicians are not afraid of Islam, but only some of its members. Therefore, immigration from certain countries may be suspended until the point where it will be more effective ways to identify extremists.

November 18, reporters found a video where Donald trump in November of 2015 talked about the registry that will include information about all the Muslims living in America.

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