The interior Ministry is preparing a new standard for the Russian car numbers

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/TASS

The structure of the Ministry is preparing to revise the existing standard automobile and motorcycle rooms, operating since 1993

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, Scientific research centre of road safety (nits BDD) of the MIA of Russia is developing a new edition of the state standard for license plates. As explained to the edition, the head of the center Oleg Potashnikov, thus the authorities will try to resolve the accumulated problems.

In particular we are talking about the revision of the existing 1993 standard for Japanese and American cars. Currently, the standard holes for attaching numbers to them do not meet the standard, and the independent creation of holes threatens motorists with a fine of 500 rubles. The new edition will be allowed to make holes in certain places. Not ruled out the introduction of a rear rectangular rooms like those that are currently installed on motorcycles.

Changes can also apply to the motorcycles themselves. Mainly in Russia sold foreign motorcycles, and the area under the rear of the room there is less than domestic sign. As a result, owners have to put the adapter-frame. However, they number in the flow of the wind can bend or break. In the new edition of GOST planned dimensions of the rear motor rooms to be revised to conform to Western standards.

Changes may be the antique automobile club of America, and the interior Ministry think to use Western experience. We are talking about the results the owners of old cars special offer. Their installation will allow to operate the vehicle under the following conditions: only on weekends, away from the Expressway, at a certain distance from the place of residence of the owner. Rooms under certain conditions can obtain and machines for the competition, passing on public roads.

Public discussion of the first edition of the standard should begin in September 2017, the final version will be ready in may 2018.

“Mounting on different models differ, for each we must find our own way to solve the problem, — said the head of the Harley-Davidson brand in Russia and CIS Anton Prokhorov. He welcomed the establishment of the new rooms.

The Chairman of the Committee of classic cars RAF Peter Slagin noted that the owners of vintage cars today pay full vehicle tax, although the road go a few times a year. “As a result of collectors their cars sometimes don’t even register”, — he complained.

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