The international Paralympic Committee has accused Russia

President Mezhdunarodnogo Paralympic Committee Philip Craven

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Doping scandal

The government has proposed to mitigate criminal penalties.
Nov 2, 11:42

Medvedev presented Mutko words “mi ACNP Frome may HART John Rushen”
20 Oct, 12:55

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The international Paralympic Committee identified criteria for the return of Russia to the organization. Among them — payment of €250 thousand for each year of suspension team

The international Paralympic Committee (IPC) has described the criteria for restoration of membership of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC) in the organization. The list of requirements published on the official website of the Committee.

These criteria include payment of €250 thousand for each calendar year of the suspension of the athletes. This amount is the compensation for the costs associated with the increase in doping tests for Russian athletes in the period from 18 July to 31 December 2016. Within three years after the recovery, the RCC has to pay €125 thousand Russia should compensate for these costs from 1 January 2017, the report said.

To meet these requirements, the RCC should open an account in Deutsche Bank until December 31, 2016 to transfer €500 million With the balance of the account must not be lower than €250 thousand

IPC also requires athletes to pass at least two doping tests and their results were tested in laboratories outside of Russia. The report said that the tests must be taken on different days, with blood and urine tests taken in one day are counted as one pass the test. In addition, PKR must ensure unhindered access of employees of the IPC athletes for doping control.

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