The lawyer of the prisoner tried to smuggle in drugs into the jail markers

Markers, stuffed with drugs, gave his client in a Moscow jail lawyer. The prisoner tried to bring them to the camera, placed between the buttocks, but the markers treacherously fell at the most inconvenient time.

photo: Elena Minashkina

As reported by “MK” in the Metropolitan POLICE on area southern Medvedkovo, almost funny story happened in SIZO No. 4 (“Medved”). 16 Nov to 20-year-old inmate Robert Ajrapetovu detained on suspicion of robbery, came the lawyer. Robert himself standing on the preventive account as inclined to use drugs. Moreover, in prison, he was taken with withdrawal symptoms. Lawyer Viktor Yeremeyev had communicated with the defendant only a few minutes, and then that led into the chamber. However, on the road from the prisoner dropped two token green and pink. He tried to say that the pens need him to draw (in order to spend leisure time in the chamber). However, within markers officers found packages of drugs. In total, the markers were hidden 12 grams of hashish, and large is considered a size in excess of 2 grams. The fate of the lawyer will solve a consequence, until the prisoner is declared an administrative penalty. It is noteworthy that in the FPS in Moscow will not remember cases of drugs in jail was trying to convey exactly at the markers.

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