The tragic fate of the “Britannica”. The mystery of the death of the third twin “Titanic”

After winning 11 Oscars the film of David Cameron the world began “titanically”. But not many know that the legendary superliner had two twin brother — the Olympic, launched approximately a year before “Titanic” and “Britannic” came down the stocks after his tragic death, but not escape the same terrible fate.

Mysteries of the ocean. As searched and found the legendary “Titanic”

After “Titanic”

The construction of the “Britannica” was already started when the news of the sinking of the Titanic reached the Heartland. To avoid such a tragedy, the creators of the ship made a number of changes in his drawings: the height of the watertight bulkheads have been increased double bottom of the ship is made thicker, the space between the outer and inner bottom was divided into compartments. In addition, there was constructed a giant davits — winches for launching boats, which lacked on the Titanic.

The company, which owned the liner announced that the ship will start service on the route Southampton — new York, the same as “Titanic” in 1915 But the First world war the British Navy requisitioned the Future and made it a hospital ship.

“Hospital Ship Of His Majesty’s Britannic” Photo:

To survive in three disasters

The hospital ship crossed the Aegean sea, having on Board 1 134.

Immediately after morning mass on November 21, 1916, a young Irish maid violet Jessop heard a muffled roar. We will add that by this time she has already experienced the accident at the “Olympic” in 1911, and was saved in 1912 in the wreck of the Titanic. This woman was the prototype of rose, the heroine of the epic of David Cameron. “Like unexplained explosion swept through the boat recalls Jessop, he caused a continuous vibration along the entire length of the ship.”

The Sinking Britannic. Photo:

The captain, trying to bring the vessel into more shallow water, ordered the machines to work at full capacity and to go the full forward. He didn’t know that rotating with great speed screws tightened ship boat in a whirlpool, and milled passengers.

Survivors of the wreck of the Britannic. Photo: Royal Navy

Jessop jumped out of the boat to avoid the deadly bolts. And after a while watched as went under the water another great ship. “White pride of the ocean medical world first, slightly lower the nose, and then began to sink deeper and deeper,” wrote Jessop in his memoirs, “Survivors on the “Titanic”, published in 1997.

The puzzles at the bottom

Shortly after the tragedy, the British government made two formal hypotheses: the ship was either torpedoed or hit German mine.

In 1976 Jacques Cousteau 64 kilometers South of Athens has opened the exact location of the remains of the “Britannica”. The ship (about 270 metres in length and with a displacement of 48,000 tons) lies on its side at a depth of 119 meters almost the whole. You can clearly see the rift caused by hitting the bottom.

Cousteau dive to the wreck of the Britannic. Photo: U. S. Navy

Other “Titanic.” The history of the major marine shipwreck

Cousteau discovered that the ship is at a distance of 6.75 nautical miles from the place declared by the British Admiralty in 1916, According to Simon mills, the marine operator and Amateur historianwho bought the wreckage for $ 25,000. in 1996, the other collector of the remains of shipwrecks by Mark Bamford, this mismatch has given rise to several theories. It got to the point that some researchers have even suggested that the British government itself sank the ship as a propaganda move to involve in the war of the United States.

There are no unsinkable ships

But there are other questions: why is “Britannica”, which was considerably strengthened after the tragedy of the Titanic, sank in 57 minutes — three times faster than the “Titanic”?

On Board the Britannic. Photo:

The head of one of the five expeditions Nick hope, assured that he had found no traces of the explosions of German at least One of the team members hope to have penetrated kochegary tunnel to check whether sealed battened down the hatches in the bulkheads of the vessel. He found that one hatch was open. “Another version says hope, portholes near the waterline were opened…”

Nick hope said: “We had near the wreckage of 1600 min — record time underwater surveillance, including photo and filming.” And it will help as hoped Simon mills, find the key to the mystery equal to the mystery of the murder of John F. Kennedy.

Robert Ballard, marine Explorerwho found the wreckage of the Titanic in the North Atlantic, also were examined in the 1995 place of death of “Britannica”. They were discovered a few holes in the hull.

Ballard would like to turn the Future into a kind of underwater Museum with cameras on Board who conveyed the image to shore. Now approached him with a proposal to raise in the Future. But the desire of the Ballard — to leave the ship where it is as of yet one shrouded in mystery, a reminder that there are no unsinkable ships.

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