Urgently “fast”! How dangerous is spinal stroke

But few know that there is also spinal stroke and his symptoms are quite different. However, the consequences are no better.

Word to the Deputy chief physician on surgery of city clinical children’s hospital. Vashlaevoj, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Viktor Seine.

Risk group

Until recently it was believed that most acute violation of blood circulation of the spinal cord occurs in men and women 30 to 70 years, and with the young people and children is extremely rare.

However, recently there has been a sad trend in the progression of this terrible disease. They began to hurt more often, and patients are often quite young people. Causes: unhealthy lifestyle, stress, abuse and extreme power sports (popular now heavy equipment can cause irreversible harm).

From older people to acute disruption of blood flow to the spinal cord can cause disease of spine (osteochondrosis, spondylitis, etc.), injuries (including during surgery), spinal tumors and spine, hernia of the spine, blood diseases, endocrine diseases.

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Urgently “fast”!

To diagnose a spinal stroke is not easy: often it occurs with symptoms similar to other diseases: violation of the musculoskeletal system, with short-term weakness, impaired coordination, tingling in extremities, burning muscles, numbness. While these symptoms can occur a few weeks, and for a few days and even hours before the attack.

With the onset of a stroke pain in the affected area of the spine is, there is a weakness in the muscle tissue of the limbs, which gradually leads to loss of sensitivity.

By the way

There are two main forms of stroke:
hemorrhagic (bleeding into the interior of the substance of the spinal cord) and ischemic (necrosis acute-onset phase of spinal cord tissue due to interruption of the blood supply due to blockage by a clot, atherosclerotic plaque or compression of the artery from the outside). In young patients more common first type, the elderly people – the second.

A common symptom of a stroke of the spinal cord are also pronounced irregularities in the pelvic organs: the patient is disturbed urination, it becomes too frequent, or, conversely, is missing.

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At the same time can occur and pathological processes in the brain, characterized by loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache and General weakness.

If you notice a loved one the above signs, immediately call the “ambulance”. Before arrival of doctors help a patient to occupy a horizontal position, to relax, provide him access to fresh air, talk to him calm, even tone. Panic will only worsen his condition.

And of course, the sooner you seek professional help, the better. Early diagnosis and timely treatment determined a positive outcome and avoid irreversible consequences.

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