Valery Spiridonov began to prepare for transplant surgery of the head

Valery Spiridonov. Photo: Good Morning Britain

Valery Spiridonov began to prepare for transplant surgery of the head. Recall that the transplant is likely to take place over the next 12 months. About her conduct, reported by the Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero (Sergio Canavero), which has already started the development of a methodology and its testing in animal models.

It is reported that in collaboration with Chinese researchers, he has transplanted the head of a monkey and had the procedure connection damaged areas of the spinal cord in mice. The method was also tested on dogs. Animals paralyzed after a spinal cord injury, after surgery able to walk again – for the connection of the fragments, the researchers used polyethylene glycol. Experience was heavily criticized in particular due to the fact that the researchers did not conduct a control experiment without using PEG.

Sergio Canavero has reported that the operation will cost not less than 10 million euros. Scientists have not yet decided where it will be transplantation – spoke version that the transplant could take place in Russia. Now the neurosurgeon believes that the most appropriate option is United Kingdom.

Spiridonov will be the first patient who takes the operation to transplant the head. However, it is believed that it will bring him more harm than good. Hunt, Batjer (Hunt Batjer), President of the American Association of neurological surgeons (American Association for Neurological Surgeons), suggests that after her Spiridonov will be able to experience something “worse than death”. “I don’t wish this on anyone,” he said, speaking about the difficulties which the patient may face, living in someone else’s body.

30-year-old Russian, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, is now undergoing a cycle of training using the virtual reality – this should help him continue to learn to live with the new body and to avoid development of “emergency psychological reactions”. The system, which trains Spiridonov, was developed by company Inventum Bioengineering Technologies.

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