Who are the judges, or a couple of words about the fate of our hockey

In team sports there is a popular expression the arbitrator, which is invisible on the court. More recently, the names of the best representatives of the national judicial school was a sign of quality and impartiality. Names Andrew Starovoytov, Valentin Kozin, Yuri Karandin, Nikolai Morozov or Victor Dombrowski was known to fans of worse names Valery Kharlamov or Maltsev Alexander. But the current Russian judges to fan popularity is not threatened. Sad, but referee mistakes in our hockey — a phenomenon much more frequent than, for example, games on zero goalies or hat-tricks from strikers.

What is the overtime?

The authority of referees in the KHL dropped so that recently after yet another judicial scandal in the match “Vityaz” — “Dynamo” (Moscow), representatives of the judiciary promised the losing side to send the video caused heated debate of the moment in the IIHF: let them say, to explain.

All the more difficult in such a situation, have the head coaches of hockey teams that are no worse, and sometimes better than many referees read the game. Of course, many, seeing how judicial mistakes over and over again affect the outcome of the match, decide to ignore the ban on public statements. In the season of heavy fines was punished many coaches and managers of NHL teams, among them Andrey Razin (“Avtomobilist”), Peteris Skudra (torpedo NN), General Director of the Moscow “Dynamo” Andrey Safronov, Dmitry Kvartalnov (CSKA), and this list is not final.

What is the Bullit?

On the coach of CSKA Dmitry Kvartalnov I would like to draw special attention. Perhaps it is the soldiers their justified appeals against decisions of arbitrators during the playoffs last season prompted the NHL to make the League’s regulations, a complete ban on public statements about the officiating. Kvartalnov, perhaps with this in mind, the new season longer than any other of his colleagues patiently silent. But on 20 September player of “Barys” Kuching in the eyes of the referee struck in the head with elbow forward of CSKA Bud Holloway. The referee missed a flagrant violation in spite of the unconscious more than a minute of Holloway. After a few days, the KHL has recognized the error of the judge, was disqualified Kuchina three games, but what this Kvartalnov: his team during the game lost the right to play at most five minutes and lost their leading player for a month! However, on 25 October, after the home game against “Medvescak”, CSKA coach at a press conference said that the match was tough and who knows what could have happened, if not helped by the arbitrators. Statement noticed in the League and don’t forget to fine the speaker for 300 thousand rubles.

What superstitions have players?

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A couple of weeks, November 9, in Podolsk with the score 2:2 in the match against the “Vityaz” in overtime, the referee suddenly “finds” the penalty to Dmitri Kugryshev. The entire game took place in the area of the Moscow region team, the army team that’s had to score the third goal, but… Later, the League again recognized judicial error due to which the owners have to wait until the penalty shootout. Once again the fate of the match decided by the referees. CSKA steadfastly silent.

Two days later, on 11 November, the match Lokomotiv — CSKA. The stadium “Arena-2000” was completely filled with spectators, who eagerly they awaited the most game. On the scoreboard the score 2:1 in favor of Lokomotiv, CSKA took time-out, change their goalkeeper at the sixth field player and starts to storm gate of the contender, hoping to even the score. And suddenly a minute before the end of the third period, the referee comes up with a goal in gate of visitors, illiterate interpreting rule free throw! And again, the League admitted the mistake of the judge. Kvartalnov from the review, referees resist.

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