A League of their own. The history of CSKA, who won in the Champions League

The red Army again beats the Germans in the cold

A meeting of CSKA with the German “Bayer” in Moscow was held with the advantage of the Russians. The account was opened a sumptuous free-kick in the performance Khetag Hasanova, but after six minutes, the Germans managed to restore the balance. CSKA continued to press, and succeeded. In the 74th minute Timur Zhamaletdinov made fools of defenders “Bayer”, after completing the slalom pass exact blow — 2:1 in favor of CSKA. Having won a quarter win in five matches, the army team ahead of schedule became victors of group E, leaving behind not only “Bayer” and “Monaco” with Tottenham Hotspur and was released in 1/8 finals of the Champions League.

It is not a report from a parallel reality and ordinary reality. The only clarification that we are talking about the UEFA youth League, which, accordingly, plays a youthful roster.

Red-blue – poorest? Shine and poverty of CSKA Moscow

These guys, unlike adults colleagues, to blush for nothing. The audience, who came on a frosty day on 22 November at the stadium “October”, has become the main arena for military youth, saw that the young Russian players with their peers from leading European clubs can not only play on an equal footing, but also to dictate terms.

Cocky boys coach of Grishina

The legendary phrase about the “space” mentor “home” CSKA Leonid Slutsky after a failed match in the European Cup, to army youth. These guys fear of the giants I know not, at least not yet.

Coached by future red-and-blue Alexander Grishin, the winner of the last USSR championship in football, a member of the legendary confrontation with Barcelona. Grishin, unlike colleagues Slutsk, with an army of fans on the short leg, and they dream of seeing him at the helm of the home team.

He Grishin no “podsizhivaet”, although does not hide that wants to move from education of young people to the “great achievements”.

The reasons for this are — the youth team of CSKA, before each season passing major update, support level and shows a very pretty game.

This season in the tournament doubles championship of Russia CSKA holds the first place.

As for the youth Champions League, where young people have the same opponents as that of the adults, Pets Grishina proved beyond praise. The only defeat they inflicted Leverkusen, who today was taken by the revenge. In the away match with “Tottenham” soldiers gave out colorful show — losing on a meeting course, came forward, gave the British to escape in the 1st minute of stoppage time, but still pulled out a victory with the score 3:2.

Monaco defeated CSKA Moscow in the Champions League

With Monaco it turned out as something even embarrassing — winning at home with 4:1 away to CSKA just “rolled” the opponents with the score 5:0. Forward of CSKA Fedor Chalov scored against Monaco 4 goals. Finally, after five matches in the young army “hockey cares” goals 15:6. And, tell me, don’t fall in love with these young and the restless?

Autumn “the call”

The main CSKA is going through hard times, because “the call” clearly manifested itself youth is a step logical and expected.

Forward Fedor Chalov, caught up with fear at Monaco, in a recent match of the championship of Russia with the Tula “Arsenal” was first published in the first team. He did not score, but the Liturgy is not ruined, and helped the team win 1:0. Also in the games “base”, comes another yesterday’s understudy, midfielder the astemir, Gordusenko.

Gordusenko, and Chalov at the beginning of this tournament, the youth Champions League was the leading players of the army “youth”. It is clear that Grishin these players in the match with “Bayram” is not enough. However, such is the fate of a youth coach — his main task is to prepare players “to improve”.

It is, by the way, and others not far off. Khetag Hasanov, expertly scored from a free kick to the Germans, has been on the entry list of the basic structure

Expect a lot from 19-year-old Timur Zhamaletdinovfor which goal Bayer was fifth in the Champions League.

New hope

The playoffs of the youth Champions League will begin in February 2017, and taking into account the current difficulties of CSKA, it is difficult to say who will be available Alexander

Faithful to the oath: the 10 most loyal sports of CSKA

and, and who need to address other tasks.

Of course, I would like that the Russian club has achieved success in the Champions League, albeit we are talking about young men. At present the army is, for this ambition, skill, and confidence in their own abilities.

But more importantly, of course, that these are 17-19 year old boys have not lost their passion, which they have now, and the courage with which they go out on the football field.

If you will not lose, and will pass them “syndrome Kokorin” along with “syndrome Eremenko” perhaps our long-suffering football and still have a future.

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