Activist Dading was punished for the fight with cellmate

The press Secretary of the Federal penitentiary service in the Republic of Karelia Vitaly Fefelov said that the administration of the colony №7 in Segezha announced Ildar Dadina and inmate disciplinary sanctions for the conflict, reports TASS.

Who is Ildar Dading and for which he was convicted?

Earlier it became known that the Dading had a fight with a cellmate, after which it is insulated. Fefelov said that on the morning of 16 November between two prisoners of the conflict occurred on home soil, men fight. As a result, the Dading got scratch’s lips, and his cellmate – multiple head injuries. How exactly punish the convicted, are not reported.

Ildar Dading is serving a sentence in the Karelian corrective colony No. 7 for violating the rules of holding rallies. In late October, he complained of beatings and torture. The complaint the Investigative Committee has started checking. The FSIN has also initiated an official investigation. The Ombudsman Tatiana Moskalkova took the situation under his personal control. In addition, in a situation versed HRC

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