“Balakhnichev will overturn the ban on working in athletics

A former President of the Russian athletics Federation (vfla) Valentin Balakhnichev is ready to appeal to Switzerland’s Supreme court to overturn a ban on activities related to athletics, imposed by the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF).

“The court in Lausanne was closed, so neither I nor the lawyer Artem Patsev can’t cover it in detail in order not to affect the decision of the CAS, which will be submitted in a week or a few weeks. Panel of arbitrators itself controls the duration of the judgment. A year and a half of hearings in the ethics Commission of the IAAF long term, but we must move on. Guess I’m with Artem Pacewon will appeal to the Supreme court of Switzerland,” said Balakhnichev on a press-conferences on Wednesday in Moscow.

“I hope that the CAS decision will be objective, and if not, then I will continue this war,” he added.

In January 2016 Balakhnichev, head coach of the Russian national team in athletics Alexey Melnikov, according to the decision (IAAF), was suspended from any activity associated with athletics.

Balakhnichev and Melnikov had appealed to the court of arbitration for Sport in Lausanne (CAS), the examination was held from 14 to 17 November. As said to “Interfax” Balakhnichev November 18, the decision on his appeal will be known “in two or three weeks.”

Balakhnichev was the head of wfla since 1991 till 2015, when he left the post in the Wake of the doping scandal in Russian athletics.

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