Carlsen refused to communicate with the press after losing to Karjakin

Norwegian chess player Magnus Carlsen refused to participate in the press conference after the party lost to the Russian Sergei Karjakin, reports NRK.

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It is reported that the Norwegian came into the hall where the meeting took place with journalists, before Adams was ready to communicate, but the Russians were late. Then Carlsen said he was not going to sit and wait in a row, stood up and quickly left the room.

He later joined Sergey Karjakin, who answered questions from the press alone.

The tournament involves a penalty for non-participation of the player in a press conference in the amount of 10% of the prize. The total prize Fund is about € 1 million, 60% of which will be given to the winner.

Earlier, Sergey Karjakin defeated Magnus Carlsen in the eighth game of the match for the title of world chess champion. The previous seven games were played in a draw. The entire tournament consists of 12 parties. At the moment, the total score is 4.5:3.5 in favor of the Russian grandmaster.

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