Cupid and Timur gave the anniversary of friendship meat and vegetables

The press service of the Primorsky Safari Park announced that fans of the Amur tiger and the goat Timur gave the animals on the anniversary of friendship meat, fruits and vegetables.

Goat “excites”. Psychologist about the hype around friendship children

“Today, fans of the Amur Timur in honor of the anniversary gave gifts for friends: Timur – apples, cabbage, carrots, beets, and the Amur tiger meat – pork,” — said in a statement on the Park’s website.

It is reported that on November 22, exactly a year unusual friendship of tiger and goat.

“Over the past year there have been many events in their lives. Cupid became the most famous tiger in the world. Timur became a star and people’s favorite. He dedicate poems and songs, putting fable and write about the poem” — said representatives of the organization.

However, now the goat and tiger are seen only through the bars. The rest of Amur communicates with the tigresses, Timur communicates with goats and with visitors.

The Amur tiger and the goat Timur became famous last year. The goat brought to be devoured by a tiger, but he gave it back. Then the animals became friends. Videos with them on YouTube gathered millions of views. However, in January between friends clashed and the goat was seriously injured.

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