Decent fruit. That has allowed to improve the ecology of Kuzbass

Kemerovo oblast under conditions of protracted economic stagnation demonstrated an unexpected jump in key performance indicators. According to official statistics, in 10 months of 2016 in the Kuzbass increased industrial production — by 6.5%. To the surprise of economists was clear enough to lead the industrial growth in the national average for the same 10 months of 0.3%. To the surprise of many distant TRANS-Ural region became on the map of Russia at the present point of growth. New businesses are opening here and implemented new social technologies. Here every year attracts more than a million tourists — a figure that is comparable to ski Sochi!

In the nature of the assistance. The Year of the environment will bring Russia?

A couple of decades ago the Kemerovo area is considered a typical old industrial region, which should not expect any economic or social miracles. Today it can be argued that years of deliberate strategic efforts finally brought fruit. They are quite tangible. You can see them. Or not to see the famous “Fox tail” is a giant fiery torch coke oven gas, which is underway in the capital of Kuzbass more than 50 years. Neither the Soviet government nor the Russian reformers are unable to get rid of it the regional center of the three million region. Although from the beginning it was clear what to do: burn the gas in the atmosphere above the city, and in the furnace of the power plant. The task seemed daunting…

In Kemerovo was inaugurated the first power plant, working on coke oven gas. That before in the amount of 100 thousand tons per year were emitted into the air (does not sonarwa), now 90% is converted into electricity. The factory “coke”, providing jobs to almost one thousand Kuzbass, is now fully provides itself with its own cheap electricity from its own waste. The expected savings will amount to one hundred and fifty million rubles a year.

To make this possible, it was necessary in the midst of economic crisis, to find a billion rubles of investments. Years of negotiations, coordination of interests of different agencies and owners, took the Governor Tuleyev, before he was able to speak at the Grand opening of a new plant.

Country must be clean. On environmental issues said in Vladivostok

Most importantly, you will significantly reduced the environmental load in Kemerovo, because harmful coke oven gas will be processed into electricity. Greenhouse gas emissions and harmful substances in atmosphere will be reduced by one hundred thousand tons a year, said Governor Aman Tuleyev in his congratulatory speech addressed to the workers and the entire population of Kemerovo.

It is also worth noting that the new Kemerovo power station is an example of import substitution, about which so much is said. Moreover, one of the most complex industries — heavy power engineering. In conditions when due to sanctions in our country hampered the import of high-tech equipment in Kuzbass were able to completely build a power plant on the domestic aggregates. Now under her roof for a work machine, made in the factories of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Biysk. As they say in the Kuzbass, the problems waiting for them when they take Tuleyev.

Good results. In the Kuzbass was awarded the distinguished miners

Saving the environment for the residents of Kemerovo and all areas of Kuzbass is not an empty sound. In the region where a year dug from the earth more than 200 million tons of coal, where there are giants in the metallurgical and chemical industry, to ensure the normal quality of air, water, food — a priority for the authorities. In this difficult field of Kuzbass there is also something to be proud of. For example, the largest Kuzbass city, the former capital of the region — Novokuznetsk — almost a century was considered synonymous with “environmental disaster”. Even in the 1990s, when the whole country stayed plants, pipe over the Forge, as the city is called the Kuzbass continued to throw away the suffocating smog. Last year Novokuznetsk was first excluded from the list of the most polluted cities of Russia. Official studies showed that in General, the Kuzbass achieved even more impressive indicators of preservation. Of course, you can tell how a decade and a half of the regional authority has entered into a partnership with environmental and social agreements with the owners of the factories, winning for every cubic meter of clean air. Reached, for example, to the fact that industrial plants with thousands of employees in the Kemerovo region began to introduce premiums for not Smoking. This measure of struggle for the people’s health is known throughout the civilized world for a long time. However, in Russia it can be encountered only in a small fashion capital firms, where it is rather a fashion piece than a vital necessity. In the Kuzbass have been able to convince major industrial capital that healthy non-smokers on the staff is a benefit to both sides of the production process.

The action “Healthy country” was held in Kemerovo

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However, it is easier to visit Kuzbass and see for yourself how things. As noted above, each year the Kemerovo region is visited by over a million tourists. They don’t mind a long journey in the center of Asia, South of Siberia. In recent years, here directs not only Russians, but also citizens of the European Union. It turned out that the Kuzbass Sheregesh ski resort due to financial upheavals has long been more affordable in prices than native Europeans the Alps. With quite comparable quality. Modern elevators and hotels are routes for every taste and of any complexity — from children to extreme freeride. Suffice it to say that almost all the Olympic gold medals of Russia on snowboarding forged our Champions hard practice on these, the Sheregesh Deposit, slopes.

Paradise for the tourist. Where to go in the Kuzbass in the winter?

And with all this, Kemerovo region remains the industrial heart of the country. None of the areas of industry, founded in the Soviet years, is not lost. On the contrary, they demonstrate enviable growth rates. If other old industrial regions of Russia most strongly felt the economic recession, in Kuzbass only for the last full year production of equipment for Railways and tramways increased by 15%. A significant part of it is shipped abroad. Not far behind and other heavy industry. Coal in 2016 in the Kuzbass began to earn 7% more, and natural gas — by 10.4%.

Surprise achievements of the local food industry. For example, in 2016 for the partial year production of butter in the Kemerovo region grew by 25%, and bread flour is 31%. Kuzbass today self-sufficient in all basic foodstuffs, though in the zone of risky agriculture.

On the example of Kemerovo region is particularly well seen that the success in the development of economic and human potential of the region primarily depends not on climate or minerals. When the objective is clear, outlined a vision for the future of the region, when it is supported by ordinary people and their leaders — then their combined efforts will bring fruits worthy.

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