Escaped to Syria, the MSU student has refused grateful indications

Former student of Moscow state University Alexander Ivanov (Varvara Karaulov)

Photo: Dmitry Serebryakov/TASS

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Accused of trying to join ISIS Varvara Karaulov in court has refused grateful indications. She explained that she had pleaded guilty during the interrogation due to the persuasion of the investigator and counsel

Former student of Moscow state University Alexander Ivanov (Varvara Karaulov), who is accused of trying to join is banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state”, the court has refused grateful indications, which gave during the investigation.

The prosecution read a transcript of the interrogation Karaulova from 27 October 2015. In it she pleaded guilty to attempt to join a terrorist organization. Karaulov abandoned this testimony, stating that he pleaded guilty because of the persuasion of the investigator.

“The investigator Sergey Gusarov tried to persuade me to plead guilty and recorded the testimony as it was convenient, distorting my words,” she said in the Moscow district military court (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

While Karaulov responded negatively to the question about the court rendered on it pressure from the investigation. The accused also added that the plea also urged the appointed attorney, who was present at the interrogation.

Varvara Karaulov, who succeeded during the process the name, was arrested in October 2015. She was detained in Turkey with a group of Russians, allegedly attempting to enter Syria. The trial of former MSU student started on the 5th of October. She is charged with trying to join ISIS. Karaulov claims that went to Turkey to get married and not become a terrorist.

At the end of October the court was read to the conclusion of the psychiatrist hospital.Alexeev, made in 2015. After two days of observation the doctor has put Karaulova diagnosis “schizotypal disorder, first identified”. At the same time, the specialists of the Institute.Serbian, conducting forensic examination, concluded that the defendant’s mental disorders no.

On 18 November it became known that MSU was expelled Varvara Karaulov.

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