In Kemerovo from the intestines of the child pulled the bezoar length of 50 cm

Photo: Google Images

In the hospital Children’s city hospital №5, Kemerovo was delivered of a girl at the age of 10 years, who complained of abdominal pain and vomiting. The child’s condition, came from Mariinsk, it was heavy, the doctors suggested that she had intestinal obstruction of unknown origin. They decided to use an additional form of diagnosis is a laparoscopy to figure out what was wrong with the young patient. However, laparoscopic examination became a full-fledged long-term operation, when it became clear that the gut girls clogged a huge formation of hair — bezoar.

For two hours the surgeons worked to remove a bezoar, the length of which reached half a meter. Sources Constantine, acting head of the Department of General surgery, said that bezoars is rare and, if they are formed — it often occurs in the stomach, causing gastric obstruction occurs. With intestinal obstruction caused by trihobezoar, specialists, hospitals faced for the first time, despite the experience lasting for decades. The doctor added that the root cause of the formation of the bezoar was the nervous condition of the patient — due to conflicts with classmates, she developed a neurosis, and she was chewing his scythe to calm down.

Currently, the girl feels normally, a foreign body in her intestine removed, soon the girl will be discharged.

We will remind that in October in the United States has operated on 38-year-old woman who was suffering from Rapunzel syndrome — this disease combines the trichotillomania and trichophagia, that is, the patient pulled out the hair and ate them, unable to control myself. The patient was in serious condition, she had a blood transfusion due to anemia, and later during the surgical intervention took two hairball, one size 10×15 cm, was located in the stomach, and the other, smaller, “only” 4×3 cm, in the small intestine.

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