Just be calm! How to stop being nervous

To escape from problems?

A group of researchers from the school of clinical psychology at Duke University (USA) comprehensively analyze what happens in human body during chronic stress. It turned out that when the stress the body goes into alert, “fight or flight”. After all, when a reasonable man were formed as a species, stress was largely concerned with physical danger, why were such reactions.

Now, of course, stress is mostly associated with psychological problems at work or in the family, but the reaction of our body to him all the same. The heart beats faster, blood pressure rises, breath quickens, and pancreas, stimulates the release of glucose in the blood, which ultimately can lead to the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It is therefore important to choose your method of relieving stress or to combine several of them, freeing your body from unnecessary emissions of hormones and glucose!

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Operation “Anti-Stress”

There are many ways to send released during stress substances are not in harm, and benefit. Here are some of them:

Exercise. Start the day with physical education: gymnastics, Jogging in the fresh air or yoga. Regular exercise makes our nervous system more resistant to stress and its consequences, as well as themselves are the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the development of which provokes stress.

You can choose any physical activity to taste, if only the sport in your life was present at least 3 times a week, at least for an hour. If you are a night owl, move classes for the evening. But get out of the gym no later than 2 hours before bedtime, otherwise you will have trouble falling asleep.

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Leave time to rest. Plan your weekend so not to waste all the free time on the necessary things — cleaning, grocery shopping, work in the country. So be sure to allow a couple of hours to go to the movies or just aimless wallow on the couch.

Set aside any business, but allow yourself sleep at least 6-8 hours. In less time, the nervous system does not have time to fully recover, i.e., to cancel signals readiness to “fight or run” to start the recovery process.

Fight with loneliness. Studies show that the negative effects of stress 2.5 times more likely to occur in individuals. This does not mean that you should keep marriage to an alcoholic or to look for anyone, just not to be alone. Trust and mutual support with anyone from colleagues, relatives or childhood friends are working no worse than a good marriage and attentive children. Sometimes even a pet (dog or cat) helps to relieve the stress of their selfless devotion.


Finally – a method for emergency self-help with stress. There was a nuisance, but so that his throat was approached whom? Urgently find a way to move – quickly walk up and down the stairs, do a few pushups, jump around and wave her hands. The movement by natural means dispose of those substances which abruptly thrown into the blood during stress. By the way, to find a solution to the problem is also more effective after a brisk walk or a jog.

The first reader

Catherine Malkowska, actress:

For me autumn is very important not to fall into depression. I grieved at the cold, without the sun, so, in order not to hibernate, trying to force myself to live in free from work time on a rigid schedule — to sleep, time to Wake up to go to the gym, be sure to walk, listen to positive music, read good books and smile more often! We all know that in healthy body — healthy spirit!

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