Life on Earth originated due to the positioning of Mars and Jupiter

An international group of scientists under the leadership of Michael vey, representing the American space Agency NASA, figured out what would be the fate of the Earth, if Jupiter is closer to it, and Mars between them is simply not there. According to experts, this could lead to the fact that the Earth would be a desert still.


Today we know that Jupiter’s gravity has a significant impact on the movement of Mars in its orbit and its climate, say the planetary scientists. Moreover, it is not excluded that Land from the same influence, partly to protect its own large satellite, the Moon.

In the study, researchers created several computer models to understand how would be the fate of a planet like Earth in the star system like the Sun, if there was no Mars, and Jupiter were from a hypothetical planet on a much smaller distance. These circumstances, according to researchers, was to affect the orbital eccentricity similar to Earth of a celestial body, that is how this orbit will be elongated and differ from the circle.

In some of the scenarios examined, the eccentricity of the orbit of a hypothetical “Earth” was varied in the range of 0-0 283 for 6 500 years). As researchers found, it would have caused a powerful greenhouse effect, which is manifested during the periapsis — closest approach with the Sun. This could lead to the fact that the planet would be unable to keep the ocean liquid water for billion of years and, therefore, its chances of habitability would be low.

With the latest telescopes every year more and more distant planets, including earth. The experts, who published their study on the website of preprints I hope that their work will allow a greater degree of certainty to predict whether there is life on any of these planets.

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