“Medina called the law on sponsorship opportunity tax evasion

At the same time, the mechanism of application of the law will enable midsize businesses to support regional cultural institutions, the Minister said

– The law on patronage can create the conditions for businesses to invest in the support of culture, said the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

“While the law on patronage Declaration. To her the necessary mechanism for the application. We did a lot of research because I could not find a compromise with the Finance Ministry. (. . .) But we are in serious discussions found the formula. According to her, the only supported state institution of culture, and we have 99%, while in the first phase of establishing a small local history museums, local and regional art galleries, provincial theatres,” – said Medinsky in an interview to the newspaper “Izvestia” published on Tuesday.

According to him, fears of the Ministry of Finance is clear: “under the guise of philanthropy to avoid taxes, will “nalicity”, parentstate own pocket the funds, then created a home art galleries and so forth.”

“With the adoption of this law will be more patrons among medium-sized businesses, I hope,” said Medina.

The Minister said, the problem is that now the patronage, in fact, perhaps only out of profits of the enterprise, which have large companies and corporations. However, in his words, “the headquarters of their capitals, and even the head of the local office of the Corporation may not make a decision about on-site support of a particular art gallery, it the sanction of Moscow needed”.

“And their leaders will be able to ask for support from local medium-sized businesses. A certain proportion of the cost of the sponsorship, the company will lay in the cost of their activities”, – said Medina.

The head of the Ministry of culture said, in what stage is the development of the law on patronage.

“The bill was signed by the leaders of both chambers of the Federal Assembly and a number of influential deputies, heads of relevant committees. We specifically did not initiate it from the Ministry of culture, although he had direct relevance to its development. It is important that it was in the full sense of the word a community project. The challenge now is to bring it to an end,” he said.

Medina plans to meet with state Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin “and ask him that the law came in the priority agenda of the State Duma”.

“He is very, very much needed in our industry. He, of course, will not turn over the soil, but will create the conditions for businesses to invest in the support of cultural institutions”, – the Minister added.

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